happy shiny people

Now this was a gift to Oliver. There was so much to smile about and yet he'd had to put a cool wash cloth on Bex's head, and he held her hand for a bit til she started to nap in their bedroom. At least his headache was gone.

"That's so remarkable," Oliver told Chris. "How did you know?"

"I'm not sure," Chris shrugged. "It just comes to me. I'm always right."

"I see," Oliver just kept looking at Chris in wonder. "You fix cars, too." That gave him an idea. They really needed another car that functioned.

"I was just wondering if maybe you could take a look at my sister's car. I'm sure the battery is dead. Hasn't ran in years." Although, it felt it had only been weeks sometimes, but his sister had been gone over a month or so now.

"I could look at it today," Chris nodded.

"You would? Its in the garage over at Max's."

"Well, it is your house, Oliver." Max reminded him.

"Yeah, I know, but I live here now and you live there so its just as well," Oliver was happy to say. "Its just, well, I hate depending on Bex so much. Her with her classes and if you say, you know twins are on the way. I guess we need to get ready."

"You're not going to want to live here if she has twins, Oliver?" Max told him.

"Lets not rush into that," Oliver's eyes lit. He knew it would take her some getting used to. After all, she'd need to see a doctor before she even believed it. "There's time, but if I had my sister's car up and running and I could use it for work. I'd ever be so grateful. And I would pay you."

"You wouldn't have too." Chris shook his head.

"Well, I'd do something for you, cook for you, perhaps. You need some help with your house, call me, I paint, I can build things." Oliver told him.

"Oliver, I'm pretty sure you'll be taken up on that offer at the church." Max gave Oliver a pat on the back.

"Of course, you know I'm there to help." He felt glad to do it. It was like a new sense of energy. Oliver felt a surge of positiveness pumping through him and it was better than any drug he could buy from Nelson.


Cate said...

Shiny Happy People's a song by R.E.M.! What a coincidence, in the new post I've just written there's a review on an R.E.M. album!

Oliver has taken the news that Bex is pregnant really well! I bet he'll be a great dad!

And Chris must be psychic or something, being able to tell when someone is pregnant ^^

Anonymous said...

Whoa thats really all I can say

dawn said...

cool that chris has a psychic bent to him. he should use it more to his advantage. especially with certain people...

taffy. said...

what has old nelson been up to, anyway?

autumn said...

wow. Ollie's excited to have a baby. babies, i meant. lol.