embrace the moment

It was already dark.

Chris had to think back, it was five when Max came over. Come to think of if, he wasn't even sure how he got here. Didn't matter. Couldn't wipe this smile off his face, either. Granted, Chris hadn't expected it to go so far. And yet he marveled at the idea that he hadn't had to down a case a beer to get here in bed with Max who was now asleep.

Yet he'd found the whole thing completely intoxicating yet true. And it felt amazing. Definitely, better than the first time because well, that was a long time ago and he hadn't a clue what the hell was happening then. But now, this was the way it should be. No fighting, no name calling, none of that. And Max definitely was not a girl, either. It was just what he hoped it would be. Chris so wanted to let himself linger in the moment for as long as he could, but then he heard someone in the livingroom. Someone had unlocked the front door, and they were in the livingroom.

This was peculiar, perhaps. He could go months without a soul even passing down his sidewalk. Why couldn't it be like that right now? But he didn't wonder who it could be.

He pulled on his jeans, got on a shirt, still barefooted and went to see what this was all about. Sure enough, it was Dayton, but he was more subdued than usual.

"What's the matter?" Chris brushed the back of his hand against his eyes to wipe away the sleep.
"Why is my stuff packed?" Dayton just stared at the boxes.

"I thought you'd want them." Chris was cool about it.

"I see." Dayton looked at Chris' bandaged hand. "Anything else going on?"

"No, not really." Chris nodded and Dayton stared at Chris' bare-feet. "So I guess things are good for you." Chris hadn't seen him at work. Nobody said he'd quit yet, but Chris figured as much.

"I guess." Dayton sat down on the couch. Chris really hoped he didn't stay for a while.

"You come to give me your key back?" Chris pressed thinking this had to be done with and out of here before Max woke up.


"You know why." Chris cracked a smile.

"She don't mean nothing to me." Dayton was solemn.

"Yes she does, and you know it." Chris pushed his hands in his pockets. Well, one of them. The other was bandaged and suddenly he wondered then when he looked at his bandaged hand if he'd have let Max have his way with him if his hand was all right.. Yes, he would have. He knew it. Plain and simple.

"Look, I found out some stuff about Nancy." Dayton wouldn't look at him.

"Like what?" Chris bit his bottom lip, thinking this was taking to long. When would he go? How was he going to get him out of here?


"Herpes?" Had Chris heard him correctly? "Oh."

"Yeah, she didn't tell me."

Chris just nodded. "Maybe its just a sign."

"A sign?" Dayton looked up at him with a squint.

"You'll just have to embrace it, that's all."

"Where you coming up with shit like that?" Dayton made it sound like that wasn't him at all.

"I'm just saying, you need to settle down, maybe start a family. You could do that, couldn't you?"
Dayton let out a breath, shook his head, no.

"Well, you'll never know, unless you try. Maybe this is who you're supposed to be with. God knows, I definitely don't want you back." Chris couldn't help but smile as he went to pick up a box and loaded it in Nancy's car. Dayton hadn't left her yet.


Cate said...

Nancy has herpes? Dayton would have had to see that, wouldn't he?
In any case, this meeting between Chris and Dayton came out more peaceful than I thought it would.

dapper kid said...

Oh snap herpes scare can't be fun! And I would have expected them to be more bitter, but they were actually civil.

taffy. said...

dayton totally deserves that. and chris.

i'm so proud of him.

Natalie! said...

Haha, herpes... Take that, Dayton! >:D

I don't know, Christ does seem like he is kind of changing. But for the better definitely. He just seems for assertive and sure of himself, in a way... *shrug*

ellie's kyle said...

aw Chris..he always knew the right thing to do.

Psyconym said...

Ouch herpes! That's life long.

dawn said...

chris seems to have more courage and balance now that he's with max. that's a good thing. hey, at least he doesn't have herpes! haha! (i hope)

Sydney Speel said...