crossing lines

Max thought it was good idea to check on Chris' hand. Making sure there was a fresh bandage. That was something he could do. At least it was a good reason to be at Chris'.

"I don't think its that bad," Chris shrugged about it as if he was used to this. Something half done, perhaps. Max wasn't so thrilled about how it looked. He sat right there on the couch with him and changed the bandage.

"You should take off a couple of days from work, you know that." Max looked at him.

"And do what?" This seemed to crack Chris up, but when Max said he could spend them with him.... "Well yeah, that sounds-" Chris couldn't finish his sentence. "But you know, you're-" He took a deep breath then. "Look, I want to get rid of Dayton's stuff. That's a start right?" He sounded a bit timid.

"Of course," Max liked that idea. "and then I could move in."

"What?" Chris' voice cracked.

"I want to be with you," Max said point blank.

"Well, yeah, I want that too, but isn't there, you know-" Chris squinted as if he wasn't so sure he was ready for anything that big.

"Look, two guys living together, what's so odd about that?" Max winced back.

"Yeah, I know," Chris swallowed back anything that might sound that it might be different. "But, still, you know, it would be-"


"I don't know." Chris didn't. He smiled then and looked around. Tears melted in his eyes. This was really happening. Max was certain of it.


Cate said...

Oh, that was a bit blunt of Max, saying just like that that he'll move in ^^ I understand that Chris is overwhelmed, but what's the problem? He lived with Dayton too, so why couldn't he live with Max? Chris is getting paranoid about people finding out.

Elle♥Madame said...

wooow too fast maxy boy but he must really like chris
but chris sounds nervous :)

taffy. said...

too fast?
i hope not.
i hope chris doesn't chicken out.
or decide he's not good enough.

Ivy said...

Lets just try to think of it ..as a push in the right direction for Chris. I think he's waiter. I don't think he's the initating kind of guy. Perhaps.

dawn said...

chris is melting before our very eyes....it's sweet.

Justkyut said...

Hello Cait! How are you? I'm busy with work I was not able to read your post these past few weeks. I'll try to catch up once I'm no longer busy. take care