mad faith

Oliver could sense it, Bex was mad. She hadn't said one word to him since they'd left the church. She was slamming things around in the kitchen getting the Sunday dinner ready that she'd promised Max.

"You knew we'd eventually have to join," Oliver felt his head heavy with a headache. That's what this would be.

She got out the roast from the crock pot.

"This is pathetic," she snapped, looking at the roast that had some how shrunk.

"It looks tender and juicy to me, it'll be fine." Oliver went to get out the mixer to mash the potatoes. "It's done."

"Its all so done," Bex grimaced as if she was ready to pass out.

"Just have some tea, will you." Why was she making him feel so badly about this? Why did it feel like a worse sin to join the church than not?

He poured in some butter and milk along with lots of ground pepper and mixed up the potatoes. Then he went to make gravy, the old fashioned way. If anything, the gravy would be a comfort when it came to just dunking a slice of bread in it.

The green beans and carrots were steamed now.

She looked a little shakey, he then noticed her sitting on the couch. "Are you, all right?" Granted the dinner was late. It was almost two in the afternoon. They were still waiting for Max and Chris. Oliver wasn't going to wait on them. He brought her a plate of food.

"Why is it, everyone can feel God but me?" Bex bursted out then.

"Well, don't make it sound like an orgasm," Oliver flinched. At least she had those quite often.

"I envy you, " she nodded. "I really do."

"Faith is just something you have to let in. There is just this time when you know you need it. And when you hand it over to God, then you stop worrying so much. Its something simple like that, you know. Just don't make it anymore complicated than it is." Oliver felt dizzy just talking about it. "Here, just eat something. I'm pretty sure you need to eat."

"But I'm getting fat," she frowned.

"No, you're not." Well, maybe she was, but it was fat in all the right places. What could he say, 'you carry your weight well...'

"I have to go on a diet," she insisted.

"Then start tomorrow." He guessed he'd have to go on the diet too. "But eat something right now, please?"

She took the plate, finally and started to eat.


Cate said...

Gosh, Bex. She makes me shake my head and smile at the same time. She always has to have it her own way, doesn't she? I think that she's jealous of the others because they're enjoying themselves so much at the church.
'"Well, don't make it sound like an orgasm," Oliver flinched. At least she had those quite often.' I had to laugh so hard! That was really funny.
Cool that Oliver makes gravy the old-fashioned way. I'd like him to cook dinner for me sometime ^^

Nisey♥Smooches said...

wow bex.bex.bex. that was pretty funny
she kinda reminds me of how i used to act when i didn't get my way :)

Paul Pincus said...

i love when bex snaps ; )

Natalie! said...

Aww, Bex! I guess she's just envious that everyone else can have such a good time a church together, except for her :P And the description of that dinner made me hungry... now I'm in the mood for some potatoes and gravy, haha.

Urgh, I hate when my friend's say that they're fat when they obviously aren't. It makes me so frustrated! At least Bex has Oliver to tell her that she's fat in all the right places, haha (:

taffy. said...

i'm glad ollie recognises her weight gaining and still likes it.

and i love that ollie makes gravy!

Nisey♥Smooches said...

that is why i love your characters :)

autumn said...

Oliver and his witty lines. love 'em. lol.