at the church

Max had managed somehow to get himself together, after a hot shower and a pot of hot coffee, down to the church on time for his eleven o'clock service. Naturally, he didn't have much to go on. His pulpit was empty, and he had a few stragglers coming in, but no Chris.

Well, it didn't hurt his feelings. He wouldn't let it show. It would take time. Maybe he needed to recuperate from the night at the emergency room. Max suspected this would be hard work for him to manage to get to the church.

Naturally, Max had no where to start. There were no notes in front of him. He didn't like notes anyway. Yet he found the butterflies fluttering about in his stomach. Today they felt like cold dark bat wings. That was really going to give him some insight into today's sermon.

"There are many rooms in my Father's house," Max started looking around. "Do you know which room you'll be in? Maybe the kitchen," He smiled. Then he thought he'd add something about the bake sale coming up. He wanted them to know it wasn't money for the church, but for the Open Door Mission who needed money for Thanksgiving meals. Volunteers were even needed so were canned goods.

"Some of us really like our bedroom, you know. Most fascinating room in the house," he smiled. "According to my mother its the most important room in your house," Max got some giggles then. "Yes, her bedroom looks like a lovely motel room. So beautiful and pristine that you're afraid to sleep there. I don't think it'll be rooms such as that in our Father's house. It'll be a place you'll have a passion for, you know."

He heard the chapel door creak open then. Max looked up and saw Chris had finally made it. Max couldn't help but smile, but did his best not to acknowledge him.

Max took a breath then. His throat was dry. He just hoped he could get Chris to see the way. A way to some thing better.


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Cate said...

Wow, Max is great. I would NEVER be able to concentrate on the sermon, especially if I didn't have any notes!! GREAT Chris has come to the church.

autumn said...

Chris has finally made it?

Max is really cool. =]

dawn said...

"the bedroom is the most important room in your house" great. and then comes chris.....