a mix of things

Oliver was glad he hadn't gotten Nelson to the church. It wasn't in him to bring people in. Not that he was exactly a member of Serenity just yet. Although, he'd done his share of fixing up the place for Max. Somehow, he just couldn't get out of it. Mainly, it at least took his mind off Izzy. He didn't think of her off somewhere with a baby she needed to abandon. Or the idea, she'd made it all up and she was crazy in the middle of a shopping center. Of course, there was the cold threat that she was actually dead. In a shallow grave somewhere, which hurt the worst. And he couldn't avoid thinking about it.

But here he was with Bex. Holding his hand as if she had a chance she'd drag him down the isle if she felt like it, and he would go because he knew she knew best. Didn't she? Yet, where in the hell was this sermon going of Max's. Many rooms, what was that about? And then he went on a good ten minutes about a bake sale. He hoped Bex wouldn't get the idea to bake anything because if she did, he was sure enough going to do most of the baking.

Oliver smiled wishing he hadn't thought that. He loved her so, but still she had her moments where she just had to rule everything.

From what Oliver could gather from Max's words was the fact we had to be tolerant of others because they deserved a room in his father's house, just as well. Pretty soon he was turning it into a "What would Jesus do?" which evolved into seeing Jesus everyday in all of us. There were bits that were taking Oliver in and then there was a bit that just left him ...with wanting to say "huh." But he didn't. Hopefully, no one noticed the confused look on his face. And then there was Chris. Chris was there.

It just hit Oliver, if you put a T on the end of "Chris", you got Christ. Oliver found himself smiling as if he got the connection. Or did he? Wait, he wondered, now was that blasphemy to think it. No, that wasn't it. Oliver looked at Max who was suddenly lost for words.

Oliver wish he could some how save yet savor the moment. But how?

He kept staring at Chris. Chris had his eyes cast down. Not looking at anyone. Maybe he was praying. Oliver saw his body shake, slightly. Chris was crying. He was weeping and it was starting to sound mournful.

What the hell was happening?


Nisey♥Smooches said...

dang i guess a lot of people don't like church
it isn't that bad :)

Cate said...

I actually really like all the characters in your story that visit the Serenity Church: Oliver, Chris and of course Max! I don't really know what to think about Izzy. I hadn't really thought about her until now, but now that you write it, she could really be dead. It would be wrong. She deserves another chance to fix her life up. You know, the song "This Is The Life" by Amy MacDonald really seems to me to be a theme song for Izzy:
"And you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the size
Where you gonna go? Where you gonna go? Where you gonna sleep tonight?"

I had to smile about the baking thing - like Oliver. Bex seems to me the kind of girl getting all excited about wanting to do something with her friends but in the end only the friends end up doing it. Bex is cute sometimes.

I don't know if I already told you, but lately I've been really interested in sermons and the message they include. And so far there was one sermon that has really made me think and opened my eyes. But so far there was only one sermon that made me cry, which was at my grandpa's funeral. I wonder what is up with Chris. I so want for him and Max to be happy!

But I think the name "Chris" is really derived from "Christ"! Because it comes from "Christopher", doesn't it? And Christopher has the missing T for Christ! ;-)

taffy. said...



no comment.

i'm glad ollie & bex are happy.

justkyut said...

Yes it is indeed an historical event in the history of US. And yes, holidays is coming and fast LOL!

my week if fine, I hope your is wonderful =)

I have left out on my reading on your posts Cait. I'm a bit busy lately. I'll try to catch up once I'm no longer busy =) take care

Liz said...

lol He probably would end up doing all the baking. Awww, Chris...

autumn said...

i like it when Ollie's mind's wandering. lol.