above a breath

Oliver had a lot on his mind with his sister and wondering if they would ever find her body and if they did would it be a little too late if this Ray fellow was on the lose or did himself in by then.

Oliver had gone all the way down to the jail to see for himself but Ray was still in a drunken state at the time. He didn't know anything. It was useless to dwell on it, and he hadn't with Bex. He'd let it alone. Of course, she thought he was hanging out with Nelson last night.

And now this, with Bex's mother.

"I'll tell you what's eating me," her mother looked as if she might eat him as close as she got to his face. Oliver was sure the woman was going to tell him- he was a sorry sod to be bedding her daughter. He was waiting for it. But she touched his face instead and Oliver wasn't sure what that meant.

"That brother of hers has all the money."

Oliver swallowed the temptation to squirm as she whispered in his ear as she held on to his hand. "Probably given every damn bit of it to that stinking church of his."

Oliver stood there silent, blinked wide eyed.

"He's rich. His father left everything to him and didn't give me a dime," she went on to say in a low voice. "I can't do a thing for Bex now." She looked so old and heartless. "But don't you tell her. You can't. You hear me. She thinks the world of him and all he is is a bastard."

Oliver thought his vision might blur. She painted such a different picture from the person he knew.

"What do you mean?" Oliver tried not to squint hard.

"He's just her half brother."

"I see." Oliver wasn't so sure what he was supposed to do with this information. He noticed then that she had his hand on her chest. This was getting just a bit uncomfortable for Oliver as he did his best to get his hand out of her clingy fingers. "Now lets have a good meal. Stop being such a bitch to Bex. You can't control everything." She was obviously not going to control him. He wouldn't. Besides he heard Bex coming. Thankfully, she let go.


Cate said...

Woah, I think Oliver is really really good with people. And it's right, Bex's mother paints a totally different picture of Max. It's scary, now she confused me too. Is Max really what he seems?... So - she doesn't hate Bex at all? Wow, I would never dare to call my potential mother-in-law a bitch, like Oliver did ^^ He really wants to spare Bex loads, not telling her about Izzy and all.

Anonymous said...

Who is Dayton? (in the picture?)

taffy. said...

but max...

Elle♥Madame said...

i read a book with a kidknapper named ray too
not that, that has much relevance to your post :)

dawn said...

i smell trouble.....wowsuh. i think she scares me!