a bad start

Bex hadn't felt sick since Chris told her about the twins. She was thinking it might be a good day at her mother's for Thanksgiving. She was hoping they wouldn't be the only ones. Maybe a cousin or an uncle she hadn't seen in years would be around. But as it was it was just her and Oliver to arrive first.

Of course when her mother offered Oliver an apple martini, he jumped to it. He said as little as possible and kept getting into the stuffed mushrooms as in hopes they might be the sort that might get you high. Well, Bex thought so. He he was being so sly, looking at her mother's caged finches in the bay window. He was no help at all.

"Well, somebody has to be coming, aren't they?" Bex so didn't want to be alone with her mother.

"No, just us." Her mother said. Bex gave her an instant scowl.

"Where's Max?"

"I don't keep up with your brother." She just said looking over the turkey in the oven.

"Have you even spoken to him since he got back?"

Her mother was being snooty. She wouldn't even acknowledge that Bex even asked.

"Oliver and I joined his church."

"How wonderful." She said a bit sarcastic.

Bex looked at Oliver in the livingroom as for him to come quick. He just gave her a sigh and drank up.

"Its a very sweet church. Small, but its growing." Suddenly, she found herself being the spokeswoman for the place, and she'd never even been to Sunday school there.

"That's lovely, dear."

"You don't have to be so hateful." Bex wasn't going to hold back. She'd tell her like she saw it. She was pregnant after all.

"Me?" Her mother was not in her tender voice any longer.

Oliver just shook his head and put down his drink and came as quickly as he could to put his arm around Bex.

"Notice anything different?" Oliver grinned like an idiot and put his hand on Bex's belly.

"No, don't tell me you're trying to grow a mustache." Bex's mom snarled at him.

"I don't have to," he told her, "because we're having a baby." Bex notice just a bit of a taunt in the way Oliver said it, but she was sure her mother didn't catch it.

"And how might you afford that?" She could careless it seemed about being a grandmother.

Oliver choked a bit.

"We don't want anything from you." Bex really didn't want to stay. Why couldn't Max be here? He could always handle her.

"Well, then you won't."

This didn't set well with Bex, she went to the bathroom. But she could hear Oliver with her mother.

"What is eating you so, really?"

But Bex couldn't hear her mother's answer.


Cate said...

Oliver is pretty good with Bex's mother, who is a total cow. In my opinion. They tell her they're having a baby and she gives a snotty answer, really!

anthony luvs johanna said...

You get her Oliver.

Can't wait for more.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Bex's mom. I think they should tell her who cares what she thinks?

ellie said...

this might mean trouble.

Sydney Speel said...

i think mum just says this because she's afraid of letting her baby go..

doesn't mean that she isn't a cow...

taffy. said...

wait, what happened!?
oh, mrs. bex's mom...
i love how ollie taunted her :)