Chris had never felt so warn out. And all he'd done most of the afternoon and practically into the night was cut up venison, then grind the venison into sausage out of his parent's farm. It was a painstaking time. Maddening, of course.

He'd sat at the little kids table with all his nephews and nieces. He was the only grown up there who didn't have any kids. Of course, his mother was afraid his fourteen year old baby sister Kylie was pregnant.

"You're positive, she's not?"

"Yeap." And that was about all she got out of him. It was chaotic. So much noise. That alone was tiring. Of course, he got the same old chat from his sisters. Why wasn't he married? Why wasn't he dating? You're good looking enough... No one would really know just how stupid you are by looking at you...

It really was too late to do anything about it. It wouldn't be the holiday without some sort of miserable conversation to listen too. Some one was messing around with this one and that one ran off to Vegas and lost all their money. But they could have lost it all in Council Bluffs instead. Then there was the sister who had all her babies at home. The last one came early and the baby was still in the hospital. This one she'd named Sky. Hopefully, no one would ask what the other one was named because Chris really couldn't remember. He just didn't want too. But as long as he could just listen and not say anything then he was good old Chris. And the sausage was in the smoke house so his work was done.

He just couldn't think of the reaction any of them might have if he'd brought Max along. That would have just left everyone speechless. But then things might be quiet for once. He felt a little guilty for not enjoying his family more. It was just so hard. What did they really need him for other than skinning the deer they brought in and getting it processed out.

"So how many deer did you have to deal with today?" Max asked him once he got home.

"About five." Chris squinted hard to remember. "Yeah, it was five."

"You mean, you didn't get drunk?" Max teased giving him a pat on the back as they headed to their room now.

"No. I'm not that stupid," Chris unbuttoned his flannel shirt. "I saw my Dad drunk, slice open his whole leg one time when he thought he was skinning a deer. You don't want to see something like that."

"I guess not." Max grimaced and took a look at his hand that looked pretty good.

"I wore a glove." Chris nodded.

"You still gotta take it easy."

"I will." Chris promised while Max tugged off his thermal shirt.

"I know what you need," Max pushed his fingers back through Chris's bangs. His hands then rested on Chris' neck.

"I thought you might." Chris let out a slight sigh.

"It starts with a shower."

"Really?" Chris met Max's lips then for a deep kiss. They tended to like to do things backwards when it came to dinner.


Cate said...

"No one would really know just how stupid you are by looking at you..." - LOL ^^ Yeah, Chris is maybe too honest to live a lie, to live a second life like Ennis del Mar..
Arh - that thing that happened to Chris's dad isn't pretty at all...

Psyconym said...

So is Chris with another guy (sorry if I am pointing out the obvious)?

Elle♥Madame said...

wow that party thing was chaotic
max plans to make it all better :) lol

taffy. said...

Chris' family...
I'm glad he has Max.

Natalie! said...

Aww, Chris has to sit at the little kids table XP And ack! The bit about Chris's dad slicing open his whole leg when he thought he was skinning a deer make me cringe. Forget not drinking and driving, don't drink and skin deer! D:

Liz said...

I can't believe his dad did that. O.o

lol thanks, I'm glad to be back. I'm finally starting to catch up in everything. =)

another.ellie said...

Such a sweet moment after all.

shnoodlekiss said...

This is really good so far. Hey i was wondering if you could critique my blog for me.

dawn said...

what a great line...."it wouldn't be holiday without some sort of miserable conversation to listen to" love it!

Jules said...

why is chris doing it?