to depend on

"Oliver!" What was he doing? Bex cringed. She could barely see him under the water with the suds and the oil and the steam. Why had she filled the bathtub so much? She'd wanted him to have a good hearty bath.

Was this some sort of game? This was too early to be a Halloween prank.

She waited. She watched.

"No!" She found herself saying. She was saying it, wasn't she? He'd been under way too long. What was he trying to do? "Damn you!" She screamed. "Don't you leave me now!" She felt her heart pounding. She gritted her teeth reached in and pulled him up from the water. His body was slick and he wasn't moving.

He was not moving.

"Shit." She drug him to the bathroom floor. Looking at his face, she didn't see his eyes flutter. Nothing.

She got on top of him and tried to listen to his heart. She couldn't tell. Really. She wasn't much good at this. She ran from dead things. Usually. She couldn't even watch her brother pick up the dead cat off the street that time when it wasn't even their cat, but the neighbor thought it was. He was the one who'd buried it.

"Jesus!" She wasn't sure if she were swearing or asking for a little hope. "Please! Please! Don't do this! You can't!" Bex winced.

She started pumping on his chest. She sort of remembered the life saving course City had made them take at the library. Although, she'd failed at it miserable. She just didn't like the thought of it. Having to be depended on, like that. But now. Now was different. She was shaking, but it wasn't going to stop her from what she had to do.

Finally water burst from his mouth.Oliver coughed abruptly. He was breathing. All was not lost. But she could barely hear anything with her heart racing as she watched him, heave another breath. Then another.

Bex laid her head across his chest then and hugged him. Finally she felt his arms around her.

"What was that about?" Bex could barely breathe herself.

"I guess I was just tired. That's all." She thought she heard him say, but she didn't ask him to say it again.


em said...

I love the very beginning in this one a lot of detail


Thank you for the update on Blue Hearts! Though I'd like to have the time to read all the posts I missed, I think it wouldn't be possible.

MY GOD, this was so intense! My heart beat was crazy and my eyes opened wide. Seriously, it was like watching a thriller movie - I could even see the images in my mind.
So much details, so much... adrenaline.
YOU DID IT AGAIN, CAIT, this is terrific!

Cady said...

Very intense scene. Great job!

UmassSlytherin said...

oh my jesus freaking christ!!!! who knew that Oliver had so much shit going on inside of him! quick quick update! I need to hear more of what Oliver was thinking before this happened! oh my my but what an amazing story this is!

poor bex! poor oliver! :( can't wait to read more! well done!


No problem! Really, I'm SO GLAD you reminded me of Blue Hearts. I wonder how many amazing posts like this I've missed... Knowing your way of writing, probably ALL of them were this great:)

Roxy Motion said...

wow. impressive.

autumn said...

that made my heart stop in seconds. lol.