Oliver knew his hair looked like shit. It was an oily mess, but he promised Bex he wouldn't do anything about it. She didn't want him going near the water. She didn't ask him anything, either. She'd left well enough alone.

A part of him felt as if his sister was gone. Gone for good. She'd never be coming back. He wished he didn't feel that way, but he did. He wasn't wishing it, either. Maybe it had to do with her coming to him when he wanted out when he went under the water. Wanted nothing to do with what may come. But she told him he had to go back. He had too. But then that could have been Bex. It was hard to decipher it now as he sat in front of the computer at work running off reports to get things started so they could open the library up by nine.

"Listen," Miranda from inter library loan said. "You need to know, they've relocated her."

"My sister? Where was she?" It startled him.

"No, this is about Betty. She's moved to City housing department. She'll be giving people fines who have too much garbage in their yards."

Oliver just nodded. Wasn't sure what that had to do with him. He kept his serious face. There really was nothing to smile about. Nothing at all. His eyes burned and there was still the icky taste of lavender and soap in his mouth and nose, too. Last night lingered on the tip of his tongue like a bad dream.

"We want you to consider taking over the circulation position." Now head of tech was behind her. They were both staring at him.

"What?" Were they crazy, he thought. He let out a sigh, letting it sink in.

"That way, it would be an easy transition for everyone. People know you. We know what you're capable of. It would really be a good thing for everyone." They both smiled at him.

"Really? Me?" He looked surprised. Were they looking at his slimy hair? How could they even look at him at a time like this if they knew what he knew. "I don't know." He tried to smile, but couldn't. "I'd be taking Betty's job."

"We know." They were his bonafide cheerleaders, he supposed.

"Huh," He almost smiled then he frowned. "Its the last thing I ever expected."

"You're good at this, Oliver," Miranda patted him on the back.

"Please take it so we can get you a marble cake from the Cake Specialist store," Miranda added.

"I'll, I'll have to think about it, all right." He managed a weak smile. "I've got books to look for and stuff, you know."

"All right, but don't let this slip away from you, Oliver. Don't let something like this slip away," Miranda said letting him finish up. Oliver wondered then when he'd wake up from this dream.


Nisey♥Liite said...

u no what? i think i am fallin in love with this story :)

Nisey♥Liite said...

in some ways it was painfull but i am fine and thanks for the comment i am glad u like my pics :)

Red Eyes said...

this inflames the imagination...however I must now return to the dream

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Hope this is a good opportunity for Oliver :)

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Ooh, I love your blog's concept; cool idea!!

And thanks for your comment on my blog. I'll be back here...I have some serious catching up to do :)


... to be continued* ;)

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oh, i hope he won't let this opportunity pass.

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I like that word bonafide.