wrapped around who's finger

Bex wasn't to pleased to see her Mom at the library a couple of days later. She'd heard about Dayton.

"Tell me everything," her mother wanted to know.

"Mom, why are you like this?" Bex didn't want to talk about it at work so she walked her mother out the back door across to the green soccer fields.

"Because he needs you." Her mother looked at her horrified. "He tells me you threw him out."

"So." Bex kept her frown small and round. She could stare back just as easily as the steady stare her mother was giving her.

"What have you done? What did you do to, poor Dayton?"

"Oh, as if he's an angel!" This was getting more irritating by the second. "Mom! You're suppose to be on my side. Not his!"

"Are you carrying on with-with a homosexual?"

"I don't think anything would be going on if he were gay, Mom!" Bex kept her face stern. "Stop listening to Dayton! Don't do anything for him! Do you understand me! Do you understand that its me that wasn't happy. I'm not happy with Dayton! I don't want Dayton!"

"I've never heard you talk like this before," Her mother's eyes bulged then in disbelief. "What happened to you?"

"Mom, would you really listen to me if I told you?" Bex squinted. "I haven't been happy with Dayton for some time, then he goes and does something stupid like a DUI. And I'm suppose to be there with open arms? I don't think so." Bex shrugged and walked away. She hoped her Mom wouldn't be coming over anytime soon.

She went back to work and started ripping boxes. She had to have something to take her anger out on. Then suddenly, she wondered if her mother had left for good so she went up to circulation. There her mother was with her library card, telling Oliver what she had on hold.

Thank God, Oliver's eye was back to normal and no patch. Bex smiled.

Bex stood behind the blinds in the head of circulation's office and watched. She wondered who was spying on who. Was her mother really interested in knowing Oliver? Would she know him if she saw him?

Of course, there she was flirting. And Oliver was impressed about how many books she'd read of Nora Roberts. It was if her mother was in another world. And she was loving every second she was spending with Oliver.

Bex smiled. Dayton was not going to win. He was not going to win.


Krosemarie said...

Interesting......I like the fact that we saw a family member step in here!!! Love the story so far, can't wait for the next post!!

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gossip guy said...

Oh, Bex. Keep smiling.

Kira Fashion said...

fantastic story!
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autumn said...

can i hate bex's mom? lol.