loading up

Oliver couldn't decide when the best time would be to go over and get his stuff without Izzy having a fit. Preferably the morning because she always slept late, but sometimes he could get away with anything as long as Days of Our Lives was on. But he couldn't remember when it was on, anymore.

He had brought Nelson to help him move. Since Nelson had a van and could perhaps save him from Izzy if she got too restless.

"I'll make this quick as possible. I just need my things. Clothes. That's all." Oliver skipped breakfast for this. "We'll slip in, slip out. It won't take anytime at all." He kept telling himself that. He'd brought trash bags along for help.

So he sneaked down quickly to his room. He thought it would take Nelson forever to waddle down the stairs.

"So this is Oliver's lair."

"Sh! Don't say anything." He was pushing any sort of clothing he could find into the trash bags. Dirty ones. Clean ones. There were Bex's panties on his dresser. He put those in his pocket and gathered more things. His favorite CDs. A couple of baggies of weed he forgot he had. It was like stealing from his own home.

"What do you want me to do?"

He tossed Nelson a trash bag. "Fill it up. Make sure to get my pillow too because I hate the one Bex has. I just need my own, pillow, you know what I mean?"

"Of course," Nelson grabbed his pillow.

Oliver went into his closet then and dove in to find his trench coat and sweaters.

Just then he heard a noise. He knew Izzy was upstairs in the kitchen.

"Come on, lets go!" Oliver whispered running up the stairs and out the front door with his stuff.

It felt like an eternity, but Nelson finally came out tossing him his pillow.


Izzy was right behind Nelson with a frying pan.

"WAIT!" Oliver waved to Izzy. "Just wait. I want you to meet someone." He was all smiling to his sister as he ran up to her.

"This is Francine's brother," Oliver put his arm around her.

About that time, Nelson saw the frying pan.

"Holy shit!" He was running to the car.

"Francine has a brother?" Izzy looked at Nelson then.

"Yes, Nelson," Oliver nodded. "I needed to go out early, do some stuff."

"I never hear you anymore," Izzy told him.

"You wanted me to work on that, remember? You said I was too loud before." Oliver couldn't help but wince a little.

"Well, make more noise, so I know you're here." Izzy nodded.

"I'll try." He kissed his sister on the forehead then. "I gotta go though. See you around, aye?" He backed away.

She was just in her white night gown flowing in the damp fall breeze. Really, she did look quite pathetic, but he wasn't going to dare tell her to get some clothes on.

"She is a piece of work." Nelson told Oliver as they drove away.


MR style said...

those blue eyes are fascinating !!

Cate said...

about the chapter "served": Gosh, Oliver really seems to be a better boyfriend than Dayton. Dayton seems pretty macho.
about the chapter "phone call": I wonder when Bex will notice Oliver's "devil toe". I kinda like it about him that he was arrested ^^ Yeah, I'm crazy.
About this chapter: Oh, Oliver seems to have a real mess in his room ^^ Oh, and Izzy really seems to be a piece of work. I'm interested in her relationship with her brother.

Krosemarie said...

hmmms...interesting!! I liked the post before this one, just seeing into Olivers past was kind of awesome!!! I love this blog, and I will definitly stay posted!!

btw, thanks for always commenting on my blog, I love reading your comments!!!


ellie said...

I hope Oliver can keep this up..not being exactly on the up and up with his sister. She might not like this.

Sydney Speel said...

i can picutre her.

with the frying pan.

then nelson, running towards the car of course.

autumn said...

lol @ piece of work. really really interesting. hehehe.