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Bex noticed the personal secretary from city down at the library with a police officer. She was interviewing people on staff about the incident with Betty and Oliver.

Finally, she thought. It had been over a week. Nothing. People would soon forget what happened if they waited any longer. Was that why they had waited so long? At least she didn't have to be interviewed. Neither, did Oliver. Just the few who went running when Betty had had it out with Oliver in the break-room.

"This does not look good," Dottie kept shaking her head, who just couldn't get another book covered until they were gone.

"Really?" This interested Bex more than she wanted it too. But honestly, she did want Oliver to keep his job. He needed to keep his job.

"You know, Betty has had a few run ins with some patrons too. She flat out told one lady she had an Oreo, and she wasn't talking about cookies. She said that about this woman's child."

"Are you kidding me?" Bex jaw dropped open.

"She was mean to some old man, too. They almost had a fist fight," Dottie remembered another story.

"Wow." Bex crossed her arms trying to stay in different.

"She really did cross the line this time," Dottie shook her head again.

Bex walked away back to her desk. Really, all this bad news sounded pretty good to her. She just wished it would help Oliver's case. But City had never fired anyone from the library. They usually let harassment stuff go. Kept it under wraps.

If it wasn't for this thing, everything would be perfect. Almost. She was pretty sure Dayton had cleared out. Even if he was trying to use her mother to get to her. What kind of animal was he?

Had she created a monster? Why did he have a way of making this all her fault? It was horrible having this kind of black cloud hanging over her. It made her nervous. It was troublesome. She kept waking every moment of the night, practically, wondering if Dayton were snooping around. Couldn't he just move on? Couldn't Chris talk some sense into him?


autumn said...

yeah. i wonder what Dayton is really up to. but it's the spice of the story. hehe.

Red Eyes said...

thansk for stopping by and the comment. The story is getting more interesting, looking forward to an update

UmassSlytherin said...

Dayton is a monster: a typical asshole, imo! And I don't know if Chris can talk sense into him, although I wouln't mind Chris talking some sense into me! Because he is hawt!!! :)

Can't wait to see what happens regarding Oliver! He is such a sweetie: anyone with a problem with him is a jerk! :)
great chapters!

Cate said...

Aw, I hope (I'm always "hoping" in your comments, did you notice? ^^) Oliver doesn't lose his job.

Diana Coronado said...

Good point for Oliver

em said...

i just did write some more


Just a simple thanks for your entry on "bless=". You have a great week ok...hope to hear from you again!

jules said...

OMG! dayton's BF looks like heath ledger!

yuri said...

i can't agree more