what to do

While Bex was being her gracious self with the Landlord on the phone, Oliver saw in the kitchen that Dayton had took all the groceries too. Most of which Oliver had bought. He tried not to be too pissed. He went to the bathroom then and checked to see if his jar was in the toilet tank. Dayton hadn't checked there for his weed. It was wrapped tightly in plastic then put tightly in a jar. It was perfectly fine.

Next thing he heard was Bex on the phone with her Mom about the bed.

"I've had that bed since I was eight." She cried into the phone.

Oliver believed it. It wasn't the best bed around. His bed was way better. Bigger too. He would have loved to have gotten it, but he guessed that was out of the question since his sister would have a fit. Thankfully, Dayton had left Oliver's pillow behind, but he'd taken Bex's. Of course, she hadn't really noticed that yet since she was pretty much hating Dayton at the moment, and she made sure her mother knew it.

"Well?" Oliver wondered if her mother had a solution to the bed problem.

"She thinks its funny." Bex huffed then gritted her teeth.

"Hahaha." Oliver sighed. "Look, I'm sure we could find something at Salvation Army. And they deliver too. but I'll call my friend. He's got a van. We could just go and get one. Right now."

"Right now?"

"Well, we could sleep on the floor, maybe the dining-room table." He slightly smiled with a shrug.

"OK, we have to have a bed, but I don't know, Salvation Army?" She really wasn't sold on the idea.

"They are sanitized," he told her. "I kind of doubt yours was. Anyway, we'll get something bigger. At least a queen size. I'll build us a frame." He'd noticed some junk out back behind the yard that wasn't in the dumpster yet.

He gave Nelson a call then to meet them there.

"Looks like we better get take out tonight, too." He mentioned, but he could see Bex didn't know he was talking about the food missing. And he really wasn't counting on her making anything. Not with this attitude.


UmassSlytherin said...

that little punk dayton! I am going to come through your computer and BEAT HIS ASS!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr he makes me soooo mad!!!!!!

But Oliver is so cool under pressure! He is such a comfort I love him so much!

Cate said...

Does Bex know about Olivers weed? I guess so because he gave her a cigarette one or two times, didn't he?
Bex's mum is stupid. She thinks it's funny. Why is she sidding with Dayton??
And I guess it's up to Oliver again to cook.

Sydney Speel said...

bex's mom thinks it's funny?!

oliver. nothing at the salvation army!

ellie said...

Bex is a tad reluctant. I hope she'll believe in Oliver.

autumn said...

Oliver still manages to be cool. he's really cool.