the one

Bex wished they had more money. Why did her mother have to laugh? Couldn't she see it was over with Dayton. She was with Oliver now. Although, she'd neglected to tell her mother about Oliver.

The fact remained, she wanted Oliver all to herself. She didn't want her mother tainting this. Not with the nagging, and what not. This was for real. And evidently so, here they were in Salvation Army trying out beds.

She smiled as if this might be fun.

"It'll be hard to find a good one, but we can try." Oliver sighed as if he wanted to get on with this before the place closed.

So she bounced her bottom down on the first one and stuck her hand in some broken glass on the mattress. It was the last thing she expected. She didn't even see it. Immediately, she was bleeding. Someone had left broken glass.

"Are you all right?" She hadn't really noticed it like Oliver. He got out a handkerchief in his pocket and wrapped up her hand. Was this a bad omen?

"I don't think we want that one," Oliver then said inspecting her hand more. At least the cut was small and no glass left.

Bex felt woozy just looking at the sight of her own blood. She felt she might throw up right there.

"It's just a little cut. I don't think you'll need stitches."

Bex just grimaced with a sigh. Trying to not to over react. Sometimes, though, she just couldn't help it. Especially, when it was her own blood.

Oliver inspected the next bed. He also informed the clerk what had happened and asked if it were their policy to keep cut glass on the mattresses so people would stay off of them. The clerk just scratched her head and gave them a shrug.

"We should have gone to Good Will," Oliver walked on and checked out every bed that was queen sized.

He finally looked at the huge one.

"If only that bedroom was bigger. That is a mother fuck'n bed there," He smiled as if he was imaging that would do. "But I know. You want more than just a bed in the room." He passed it up. Went back to a couple that seemed to pass his firmness test. He wasn't for one that was going to wiggle too much.

"I think we've got ourselves a keeper." He pointed to the one. Motioned for Bex to come over. "Just lay down on it." He laid down first. She laid down next to him. "I think I could go to bed already."

She held her bleeding hand close to her chest. It wasn't so bad now. There hadn't been a massive spill, but still she hated the sight of the bloody handkerchief. It wasn't so bad now. There was a tiny pain. "Me too." Bex smiled.

"I want to make this the best bed ever," He sat up then.

"Why?" She winced. Thinking, she'd just bug her mother until she got a new bedroom suit out of her for her birthday.

"Because I love you and this is our bed." He put his arm around her and gave her the earnest stare. Bex didn't see that coming.


Cate said...

Let's see for how long Bex & Oliver will work without Bex's mother knowing.
Oh gosh! They aren't paying much attention at the Salvation Army, having broken glass on the beds!!! Stupid clerk - just shrugging.
I can't wait to hear how it goes on!

Liz said...

This is all Dayton's fault, stupid Dayton. Nobody likes him lol

UmassSlytherin said...

Ohhhhh! He loves her! I think this is so romantic! Poor Bex!

And I agree with liz above: Dayton is a little punkbiaach, I want to punch him so bad!!! :)

love this update, I just love the things that Oliver and Bex do together, it is very sweet and they are a very realistic couple.
Well done!

ellie said...

I liked this one..very much...I just love Oliver more.

autumn said...

how sweet of Ollie. Bex really deserves to have him.