finding out

Bex didn't want to look stressed when Oliver found her at her desk after work. As it was, he was the one putting in eight hours. She was only pulling four and her classes.

Naturally, he acted as if he was just saying hi in passing. He was very low-key. It was as if he was going to take it as much as they were going to give it at work. He'd worked his week that was generally twenty into forty.

"Its not so bad now is it, Mulberry?" The head of Technical services gave him a pat on the back. At least someone on his side.

"No, no, not at all." Oliver nodded, but when the older woman patted him on the back, Bex would have thought she'd shot him down.

Finally, they made it to the car.

"I think everything is going rather well," she told him on their drive home.

"Just lovely." He yawned looking out the window. "I saw someone you know today."

"Oh really?" Bex rolled her eyes, "My mother."

"You're mother?" Oliver winced as if she'd completely lost him with this conversation.

"You talked to her as if you see her everyday." Bex told him.

"I did, did I?" Oliver shook his head not making a connection. "I see a lot mature women during the day. Not one of them made me think of you." He looked frustrated. "Why haven't you introduced me?"

"You don't want to know my mother," Bex croaked as if it might be a contagious disease going around.

"I might have to, you know, if the occasion arises, and it just might." Oliver sighed.

"Well, who was it that you saw that I know then?" She didn't feel like being nice about this.



"Dayton's Chris," Oliver looked at her as they were turning into the driveway.

"And?" She scowled.

"I got him and Dayton library cards."

"Oh, that should make them stay together forever then." She sarcastically said getting out of the car.

"Well, its a start. He seems to think everything is fine." He followed her in lugging books that she didn't check out for the library, but new ones that weren't even in the library system - she just wanted to look at about decorating rooms.

"What does he know?" She didn't buy it. Bex unlocked the door and looked around to see if there were any obvious out of place things. The television was gone.

"We're changing the locks." She told him.

"Why didn't I think of that before," Oliver smiled as if it were an after-thought he'd waited to long to have. "I guess you'll have to call the landlord about that, huh?"

She looked around. At least her light houses were still here and the starfish. A sigh of relief. But she turned on the bedroom light. The bed was gone. And all her clothes were in the middle of the floor. He'd taken the dresser and the mirror too.

"That fuck'n idiot!" Bex gritted her teeth then.


Cate said...

About the "not so specific" chapter: You know, reading your story, working in a library seems fun! And I laughed when you wrote that Oliver told everyone under the age of 25 "cool name". Why is Chris - wait... Chris?! As in...Dayton's best friend? Doesn't he know Oliver?? In the beginning, they act like they're complete strangers! But I like it that Chris and Oliver are on friendly terms.

Nice to know there is someone on Oliver's side. I hope the head of Technical Services is REALLY on his side.
Oh gosh. They're talking about the meeting of the parents. It's horrible, this event.
Somehow...Bex could maybe change the locks of the house, so that Dayton can't get in with his key anymore. And Bex and Oliver seemed to have more passion while Bex was officially still Dayton's girlfriend ^^

Cady said...

Ha! Should have thought of that whole changing-the-locks thing sooner.

Ivy said...

What a shocker. I think its a chance to show just what he and Bex are made of.

autumn said...

Dayton is a monster. lol.