Bex really wanted to be asleep when Dayton got home. Her luck, he'd have Chris with him. And he did when they showed up just after the ten o'clock news was over.

Of course, she was in the livingroom when he walked in. And he gave her a kiss on the cheek nonchalantly and went into a big spill about how much she missed by not going with him.

Naturally, Bex kept her arms crossed.

"What's he doing here?" Dayton stared at Oliver that he wasn't too pleased to see him.

Oliver wasn't exactly holding Bex's hand. He was in the kitchen making homemade nachos.

"Because I want him here," Bex was matter of fact. "Day, we need to talk." She looked at him even lipped. Maybe they could discuss this over nachos and cold lemonade. Oliver was putting out a feast in the dining room.

"So talk?" Dayton shrugged digging in to the nachos. He mentioned to Oliver they were pretty good after he took a bite. It was as if it was OK that he was here, after all.

"I think you should leave?" She stood up.

"I just got here, B." He crunched on a chip with drippy cheese and peppers. Some dribbled down his bottom lip and a bit on his t-shirt.

He talked to Chris then who was eating up the snack. Chris popped open a beer and gave it to Dayton.

"I can't live with you, Day!" Her voice started out low, but then she began to shout.

"Jesus, B. quit talking this stupid shit," Dayton winced. "What in the hell has happened to you?"

"I've decided I don't need you. Its over. I don't want you! Here!" She yelled a little harder. It made Oliver flinch. He bit his bottom lip as he came around to Bex's side.

"What the fuck?" Dayton's fist clinched, and he was in a bad squint as he moved in toward Bex.

"Come on, Oliver!" Bex grabbed Oliver's hand. and she pulled him toward the bedroom quickly and slammed the door shut in Dayton's face and locked it.

"FUCK YOU!" Dayton started in then, pushing at the door.

"I don't fuck'n care. GO AWAY!" She screamed back. She looked at Oliver who just clinched his teeth, yet happily dancing about as if they were about to embark on an adventure. Bex sat there looking wide eyed as if she'd have to think of something.

"What are you gonna do in there with your girlfriend, Bex?" He was still pressing on the door. Bex sat down and pushed her back against the door.

"GOD! I HATE YOU! OLIVER IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" She huffed pressing against the door with all her might.

"Well, what is he then? Huh? Bet that faggot doesn't even know what good sex is!"

"And you think you do! ASSHOLE!"

"Fine! Stay in there with your little pansy. Do each other's fuck'n nails for all I care!"

"GO AWAY!" Now she was really screaming her lungs out. Oliver's eyes lit. He went to get her a bottle of water he'd rationed on the dresser.

Oliver turned away and mouthed the word 'shit.'

While he was getting the water, Bex went and jerked down Dayton's Reservoir Dogs poster, opened the door and flung the huge masterpiece at Dayton. "Get your stupid crap! And get out of here! Now!"

"Jesus Christ!"

The poster barely missed Dayton and flew across the livingroom floor.

Bex slammed the door back in Dayton's face and locked it.

It was quiet for a while.

Bex breathed in and out. Oliver handed her over the water. They listened. Finally they settled on the bed. Oliver put his arm around Bex.

Her face was red. She was in a sweat.

She could hear Dayton then, throwing things in the livingroom on the floor.

"DON'T YOU TRASH THIS PLACE, MISTER!" She let out a shout of bitterness.

"Fine! I'll go! But its not over! I pay half the rent, you know! Can that stupid fuck in there do that!"

Oliver didn't say a word. Bex saw him shaking. That's when he got out the cigarette and lit it.

"What are you doing?" Bex squinted. Her throat was parched. She felt queasy.

He didn't answer right away. Finally he handed it over to her.

"Just try it," Oliver breathed out the smoke. "It'll take some of the edge off. You'll see."

It was all quiet. Bex heard the car-doors slam to. They were gone.

"What if we have a random drug test or something, tomorrow?" Bex just stared at the cigarette burning between her fingers.

Oliver just smiled.

Bex sighed and took a draw from the cigarette. She closed her eyes. Really, it took a while, but she did start to feel she was floating at the bottom of the swimming pool. It was sort of funny. She could feel a laugh coming, and really she couldn't wait until it surfaced. She took another draw from the cigarette, meanwhile.


Cate said...

argh, dayton appears! i guess bex isn't doing this in the best way possible. she shouldn't have yelled at him, i think. on the other hand, i don't quite like the way HE is behaving either.

Krosemarie said...

I am sooo glad she stood up for herself and made Dayton go away, I really can't stand him. Lovin the story!


autumn said...

i agree with what cate said. i guess, dayton will come back to get even. and @ oliver, what is he trying to do. oh my, i don't really think everything's going to be alright. o_O

ellie said...

Bex what a way to handle the break-up. Interesting.

Cady Lola Cep said...

Ahh, so crazy. I love how spastic this is.

thetinylittlegirl said...

i just found your blog. love it so far!

Diana Coronado said...

Loving story, i want to watch it on tv !!