Bex cleaned up and Oliver helped after Dayton and Chris left. It was never like this with Dayton. She always did the cleaning up. Dayton had his schedule. Dinner had to be over in time for the Simpson's. Then there was his four hours of video games and then off to spend the rest of the evening with Chris in the wee morning hours.

"Did you see the way Chris looked at him?" Bex wondered if Oliver noticed.

"He's rather fond of Dayton," Oliver shrugged. "Just best friends, I suppose."

"You suppose? What if there is something else Dayton's hiding from me?" She loaded the dishwasher then.

"Like what?"

"I don't know," Bex wasn't sure what she meant, but then she squinted. "You don't think Chris could be involved with him?"

"He's too Heath Ledger for that." Oliver put food away in the fridge.

"Exactly," Bex smiled as if she was on to something. "Heath Ledger was in Brokeback Mountain."

"Highly, unlikely." Oliver shook his head. "We'll only know for sure when they start kissing at one of our little dinners."

"You are not inviting them back."

"Who said anything about an invite," Oliver lightly laughed. "I think he still thinks he lives here."
"Don't say that." Bex shivered.

"Maybe he thinks he can catch you on the rebound if he sticks around, you know." Oliver remained even lipped.

"That's not gonna happen." She dried her hands then and wrapped her arms around Oliver.

"You say this, but what if I am every bit a loser he says I am, then what?" Oliver looked brightly in her eyes.

"Where is all this pessimistic crap coming from, Oliver?" She wanted to kiss away his worries. "Just don't think about work, OK."

"Yeah, as long as we can fuck around there, too, hmmm?" He couldn't help but grin.

"I promise I'll be good?" She pursed her lips.

"Um, but I like you when you're bad," Oliver smirked back. They kissed then for the longest time in the kitchen. Finally Oliver managed to turn off the kitchen light. It was most definitely time for bed.


Songy said...

You have a very intriguing blog. Hmmm.
I'll have to go back and read a little more to figure it all out.

Ta for your kind words.

simon n josh said...

kissing in the kitchen...hee hee..

ellie said...

So...is Bex thinking what I think she's thinking? hmmm...

Diana Coronado said...

I feel romantinc now reading all ur blog.

Ivy said...

Oh, Bex.

fun kitchen scene.

UmassSlytherin said...

I love the Romance, and the Heathe Ledger reference! :) I love this story so much!!!

autumn said...

i want to believe Dayton's gay. haha.

oh my, that's so romantic. =]