on a sour note

"Why is it, you always have to have Chris with you whatever you do?" Bex started in right away. If this were a game show, she was sure to win because she knew all the answers.

"He's my best friend! He's always there for me, unlike the likes you!" He got in her face then. "You are so fuck'n crazy! Attaches herself to the first thing that comes along!"

Now he'd hit a sore spot, but Bex thought of Dayton and not Oliver. It had been wrong since the get go. She'd been talked into this before she even had a chance to decide for herself. Why had she listened to all her friends? As if they'd decided they were a couple long before it dawned on her that this wasn't going to work. And she'd always felt she had to make it work. What would her friends think, otherwise?

"That's not true," Bex winced. "Its not like that. So shut up. Just take your junk and go."

"What if I don't want to?" He stared back at her hard right in her face.

"Come on," Chris shook his head. "Give it up. Will you? How badly do you want this to end, bro?" Chris pulled Dayton back, he was still in a huff. Fist clinched. Bex kept quiet but she kept staring.

"How about some dinner, everyone," Oliver acted the perfect host. He had the table set. Food on the table. He'd done it all in about thirty minutes. He just hoped those meatballs weren't raw in the middle.

Bex crossed her arms and looked at Oliver as if that was the worst idea ever.

But they came around the table and sat where they wanted. Oliver waited last. At least, he got to sit next to Bex.

"We're not going to pray over it or anything, are we?" Dayton was at least civil to Oliver.

"No, you guys go right on ahead." Oliver was congenial as possible. It was if he were on autopilot.

"Are you sure you didn't smoke anything while you were in the kitchen?" Bex leaned into Oliver with a whisper. Oliver shook his head, no.

It was all going so smoothly. Bex didn't want to ruin it. She ate too. Finally, Oliver helped himself.

It was quaint. But Oliver had left out the milk jug instead of opening wine. Bex could only hope they'd be so full neither could manage to stir up things.

And by the end, Dayton was already yawning. He was being very chummy to Chris. It was even a little strange to her. Were they always this chummy? It just didn't seem normal. But they talked about their stuff. Bex didn't want to say anything more. Maybe Dayton would give up. He certainly wasn't go to win her with all his arguing.

Afterwards, Dayton looked around the house looking for his stuff, but she had it in a box already.

"You didn't tear up my airplane model? Did you?" It was something he'd kept since he was eight.

She shook her head, no, but possibly she did.

"Shit!" He found it on top, the propeller was damaged. "Well, I'm crushing one of your starfish, you bitch!" He stepped on it right in the floor.

She winced then seeing the shattered parts on the floor.

"Nothing is fair in love and war, baby." And with that he left with his boxes.


taffy. said...

hahahahah, "were they always this chummy?"

i really missed this one!

i'll be back soon, promise.

Cate said...

Oh, gosh. Bex could leave Dayton alone now. They've split up, okay, peace. She's always starting fights. I feel sorry for Dayton. She even damaged his airplane model. OK, he's mean crushing one of her starfish, but then... Bex started it. Again.

Krosemarie said...

Dayton is a very frustrating person!!! He seems so aggravating!! I love the story though, it's great!


Diana Coronado said...

Dayton desperates me a little bit haha.

UmassSlytherin said...

OMG! I love this update! I can't believe I let days go by without checking in with BexSex! That little punk Dayton he is such a git! grrrr! :) can't wait to read more!

autumn said...

Dayton is very immature. *roll eyes*