phone call

A few days later when Bex's phone rang sometime after midnight, Oliver knew it was bad news. At least it wasn't bad news coming to him. He'd heard it all before with his sister. Usually, drunk driving, possibly a fight. It never failed jail was involved. He didn't much care to hear it, anymore.

At least Bex picked up. She didn't look all that pleased to hear what ever it was that had happened.

"So," Bex squinted in the bathroom light. She looked half asleep standing up."I don't care. I don't. Its not my problem. Why did you even call me?" She finally slapped her phone shut, then opened it back up to make sure it was off for good.

"No more phone calls." She was angry.

"What is it?" Oliver rose up on one elbow and waited for her to return to bed.

"Dayton." She shrugged. "He got a DUI, Chris expects me to do something? Like what? Call his parents? Why doesn't he do it?" Bex crawled back in bed. "Chris said its all my fault. If we hadn't broken up, he'd never been drinking." She sighed deeply in her pillow then. "God, he'd been drinking. Chris is the one who gave him the alcohol. But, no, its me." She sighed again.

"Try not to think about it," Oliver moved in then, He touched her side, pulled her warmth in and kissed her. "You knew it would happen, sometime. Was it bad?"

"I don't know," Bex closed her eyes and waited for more kisses. She was definitely not thinking about Dayton sitting in jail in an orange jump suit and silly sandals. "I don't guess he killed anyone." And with his next kiss, he took her under. It was definitely a better feeling than sleep.

But after she went back to sleep, the orange jump suit was still on his mind. He remembered it very well, the day after Thanksgiving, his senior year. He smiled then remembering he even got a nick-name his weekend in the slammer, devil toe. Luckily, Bex hadn't really noticed his second toe-nail on his left foot. They told his mother he'd have a split toe if she'd carried him another two more weeks in the womb. Just one more wonderful thing to remember about himself.

Anyway, his stint in jail was over a case of three little m'rooms that weren't even his. Not that he hadn't experimented with the stuff a time or two. Just not that time. He'd caught a ride back from a party with some guys he went to school with. He only knew them in passing. And they got stopped because Jordy hadn't filled out some application that he'd changed the color of his car. In the process Oliver got dragged out of the backseat. A routine process to show the high schoolers what it would feel like to be interrogated by the police, or so he was told later. It was an ugly night. Luckily, he didn't get hurt.

He just remembered the officer going on how he was just delirious and had resisted arrest. At the time, Oliver was sure it was the officer who was crazy. So he spent some time in jail with old men, for the most part. And everyone got to see that toe. Devil-toe. Somehow the whole thing kept making him think of the song Devil town. Still.

Of course, about six months afterwards, County told him they'd made a mistake. They were at fault. It wouldn't even be on his record. "That is unless you blow up a school or something." Yeah, they still had an eye on him. Which still made him laugh even when he was trying to sleep. Maybe Dayton was now on that list too.


ellie said...

interesting about the orange jumpsuit.

UmassSlytherin said...

lol what a crazy story about the jumpsuit! so great, love these updates, well done! :)

Aurley said...

Hahaha. Jumpsuit? :D
Good Post, Great Story.

autumn said...

find it interesting, too, about the jumpsuit. lol.