They didn't go to the farmer's market, after all. It was quite a drive, and they'd have to settle on wine instead of champagne.

Dayton had left with Chris for Kansas City.

Of course, the whole time in the back of Bex's mind was the idea that Dayton had changed his mind. But she didn't care, this was going to happen. It was going to happen with Oliver, with the patch or not the patch.

"You think I look ridiculous, don't you?" He was making way to much out of his patch on his eye while at the grocery store.

"What are you talking about? Did I say you looked ridiculous?" Should they really be arguing over something like this at the grocery store? Now of all places. People would think they were a couple, already. A couple on the verge of it being over already when it hadn't even happened yet. She wanted to say she was nervous, but she didn't.

"White or Red?" She shoved two bottle of wine at him then.

"Both actually." He put them in the cart.

"Both?" Could you actually have an affair like this on a budget? Bex found herself thinking. She hadn't actually broke up with Dayton. What kind of person was she?

"And maybe some of this too," He picked up a bottle of spiced rum. "For us pirates, anyway." He then smiled.

"Is this going to leave us any cash for actual food?" She slightly winced.

"I'll buy the spiced rum." He picked up the roasted chicken too as well as a carton of mashed pototoes from the deli along with a bouquet of sunflowers. "It'll be a lot like having a picnic inside. Eventually."

"Eventually." Bex nodded.

Still her mind was kind of worried about the whole fallout with Dayton. There would be fallout with him. That would feel sudden, though. Tragic perhaps.

"You aren't having second thoughts now are you?" He asked at the checkout.

"No." But she felt a slight heart failure even then. God, she felt herself panicing. "Lets open the wine as soon as we get home." She said as they left the store with their totes of stuff.

Oliver just smiled as if she'd made him the happiest fellow around.


Cate said...

oh no, i could never have an affair. it would drive me completely crazy. being in love with both, and not wanting to hurt the one you're "officially" with, but being completely crazy for the other one, while still not wanting to break up with the first one because you still like him. gawd.

Cait said...

She's pretty much over Dayton. She's just not sure how to break it to him. But as with all things..breaking up is hard to do.

ellie said...

will they or won't they?

Samu said...

Kind of. . . Lol

Krosemarie said...

I can't wait for the next chapter! I can see that you are a really talented person who can really keep your readers entertained!!!


Anonymous said...

Great read! I just read the whole thing from the beginning. I can't wait to see what happens next!

UmassSlytherin said...

Well, I'm not much for affairs, but I did beg for hawt oliver-bexsex! hehehe! I guess I'm getting my wish! :)

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