counting the seconds

Oliver could feel everything slowing down to just one last question as they got to Bex's livingroom where they unloaded the food.

"Should we really be doing this?"

He didn't want to have to talk her into this all over again? Did he? All this way for nothing.

His teeth clinched. All he could do was see her sad eyes, her plush lips. He sighed. He ran his fingers through her hair. "Whatever."

"I think we should do it now." She caught her breath, gave him a little smile.


"I don't want to wait." She'd decide. Bex started to unbutton his shirt then.

"I just don't know, you're so fickle." He almost bit his tongue then. "Shouldn't we be putting food away or something?"

She shook her head, no. She kissed his chest. Good sign.

"OK, then." He sighed, "So is it the livingroom you had in mind?" He just hoped he didn't break one of her little light houses or a starfish.

She just shook her head, no. Bex lead the way. It was dark in her room, already. Oliver switched on a lamp by the stereo. There the bed was. It wasn't quite as big as he'd imagined. It was just a regular sized bed. The Resovair Dogs poster hung behind the bed. He wasn't sure what he was expecting. The princess palace. Definitely, not it.

"I don't think we should do it on the bed." She nodded.

"Whats wrong with the bed?"

"Dayton sleeps there."

"Of course," Oliver shrugged thinking if he ever got a credit card they were going on a trip, a small trip where there was a really nice room with a really big bed. "Do you have a blanket?"

She pulled out a comforter and put it near the window on the other side of the bed, as if it was almost a secret now. He reached for pillows. And then plopped himself down, still dressed. His shoes off.

"Comfy?" But he got the idea she was backing out once again. This should have been one of those moments where clothes were flinging and a mad wrestling match might be happening. But as it was he was sitting, hoping she'd at least sit down. "Just give it try, why don't you? It'll be fine. You'll see." He hoped his coaxing wasn't a bit nagging.

"Yeah, I will, maybe I should get the wine."

"I'd rather just have you." Oliver shrugged with a smile.

She hesitated. "I have to go pee."

She went to the bathroom then and he whispered to himself, "Thats just great." Now he was wondering if he should go pee.

Could it get anymore awkward?

She showed up in her soft baby blue robe. Wasn't exactly a come on outfit. But it was a start.

"Why didn't you tell me? I could have brought pajammas," he smiled leaning back slightly, "We could have had a pajamma party." He was getting the feeling that was all he was good for. He kept looking at her waiting for an answer. Maybe he had another idea.

"Look, we could just kiss, and well, maybe nothing would happen. If you don't want anything to happen-"

She nodded then and sat down.

"OK, I'm good with that." Only his heart was aching for more as she sat next to him, and he noticed her robe undone. He really did feel overly dressed, after all.

His lips edged to her and he breathed her in. Her scent. Her softness as his hands came down to touch what the robe had gathered. Slowly it was coming undone and yet everything was coming together. Like music, neither could get enough of.

Bex hurried to get his shirt off.

Oliver was getting the idea that she wanted him more in the nude than she was.

"Come on, just take the robe off. Its barely on anyway," Oliver prodded. At least that was done. He could simply see all of her and he touched her hand then and kissed it, working his way up to her shoulder.

Naturally, she was a little coy, but he couldn't help but look. She was spectacular, after all.


♥ fashion chalet said...

awesome :) I want a save ferris tee :) thanks for the comment!!

ellie said...

It could happen. =)

Anonymous said...

Troy would probably poke my eye out...

Everyone seems to think that I like him... I'm so confused! I'll probaly post about that next.

Thanks for the comment!


MR style said...

thanks for the comment dudes

Anonymous said...

this is a great post i love when the writing is so good that you can even picture them saying it and acting it out its like a movie in you head or more like a tv show in this case. and i wish i didnt have to disect but hey one of them is a flower:)

autumn said...

lol @ Ollie. i was thinking the same if she was backing out. lol.

taffy. said...

I like how he worked his way up :)
This is so... sweet? yet awkward. Especially the pee part.

Not the best way to pump someone up for... your fuzzy blue negligee?

and he was worrying about breaking her starfish!

i just wanted to hug him right there.