the best part of the day

It could have been one of those touchy feely kind of moments, but he knew that would be wrong. Especially, in the breakroom. Especially, now with everything so doubtful. So he sat there looking at Bex as if she knew what he really wanted. And it really wasn't at the library. But all this mysterious serious stuff about Betty was floating all around him.

"Why do I have to be the center of the storm?" He could have swam in his hot tea, and he'd still be half asleep.

"It was her fault. We know that." Bex winced, "But what else happened?"

"Oh, the eye thing, thats what you're talking about," Oliver shrugged wishing he was in a deep sleep right now with Bex. "Izzy punched me."


"She's a little crazy, but then she is my sister and well, you know as they say, forgive and forget, right?" What else was he gonna do?

"Did she do anything else to you?" Bex stared at him, her fingers touching her cup. He wanted to take it all in so he could relive it perhaps in a dream.

"No," Oliver squinted. "Just what are you implying?" He shuddered in disgust that she'd ask so much about Izzy.

"Nothing. I just want to know. Is anything else the matter?"

"Why so many questions?" He felt like flinging his tea cup across the room. He didn't want to be so defensive. Especially, with Bex. Especially, when there was to be more with Bex. Not less. They could be having a make out session right now, but he guessed not. That might mean more trouble. What if they both got fired?

"I didn't mean-"

"Look, what do you have in mind this weekend?" He couldn't help but touch her finger on the cup just once. She had to remember they were just as good as gold.

"Farmers market?"

"Good. Yeah, that sound, great, in fact." Yeah, they were a couple, weren't they? Maybe. Couples were always at the farmers market. Touching food. Each other. He cleared his throat then before he imagined them being somewhere else besides the farmer's market. 'I want to sleep with you,' he tried to say, but there was something in his left eye. Maybe he was just suppose to go blind. Go back to his cave. If he had too, he wanted her to come along too.

"Yeah, we really need to get out and do something. I found out there is this CD party we could go to, at one of the art galleries. It might be fun. Free champagne."

"Yeah," he was smiling at that. "Sweet."

Really, they had to get away from work before it ate the both of them.


sydneydoll said...

oliver is probably one of my favourite male names.

and charlie.

Dapper Kid said...

Ooo hesitation...

Cate said...

i really like the kind of couple bex and oliver make, with all the - as dapper kid has said - hesitation, and there's absolutely no routine, and.. yeah.
oh, and about rosco and the freshman girls: i didn't know that in the us you could go to jail for having a physical relationship with someone much younger. course, then it makes sense. thanks!

Krosemarie said...

the relaishonship between Oliver and Bex is very interesting.....Very different...I am loving this story, I will definiltly stay posted!!!!


ellie said...

looks like it could happen..maybe.

UmassSlytherin said...


Excellent, excellent updates! It is so sweet to see them form this romance, to see the development of it! I can't wait for each new chapter! :) Well done!

Lonnie Love said...

Come on Oliver! Come on Bex!

autumn said...

i read this before already. but wonder why my comment's gone. o_O lol.

taffy. said...

"Maybe he was just suppose to go blind. Go back to his cave. If he had too, he wanted her to come along too."

this is one of my favourite lines i've read this year.