the plan

At least Oliver had Nelson's help to move in the bed. Still it looked naked and Bex was reluctant to say anything as it was. For all Oliver knew, she hated the bed. But it wasn't going to stop him. He got Nelson to take him over to his sister's place and rummage through the house for some bedding.

Thankfully, Nelson used his charm on Izzy and Oliver found the paisley sheets his mother only kept for special occasions. Of course, she wasn't around at the moment for a special occasion so he took them. Padding too. He was going to make this, their love den. Only he didn't want to tell Bex this since she seemed pretty turned off by the word love. But he wasn't going to let this stop him. Oliver had a vision.

"I just hope I can do this," Oliver felt he was fading fast here. Still nothing for dinner, and he wasn't expecting anything from Bex when he got back because of the hurt hand and the fact there was nothing in the fridge.

"You make stuff?" Nelson wondered as they were driving back.

"Kind of," Oliver knew what he wanted to do with the scraps of wood out back, "My Dad could make furniture. I've seen him. Used too." But remembering might not do a thing for him. His Dad really liked being alone when he was making things. "I think I can do it. I have too." It was certainty he felt.

"Where's your Dad, anyway?" Nelson pondered.

"North Carolina. Maybe South Carolina. Could be North Dakota by now. He's a traveling dude," Oliver just said.

"He's a truck driver?"

"No, he's a professor. Likes all that old stuff, you know, fossils. Artifacts. Maybe he's out of the country."

"Like a real Indiana Jones?" Nelson nodded.

"Hardly. We don't really keep in touch." Oliver was pretty sure they never had, even when he was around. "Anyway, I'm going to build it. Bex will see, I can do this."

"Do you need power tools?" Nelson suggested.

"You have power tools?" Why hadn't Nelson mentioned this before. Awesome, Oliver thought.

"My Momma got me a couple. Thinking it would be a good hobby for me. Of course, I just never got around to it, you know what I mean?" They got back to Bex's then.

"Sweet." Oliver bit his bottom lip then. It wouldn't hurt to have a little help from Nelson.


Cate said...

Poor Oliver... Bex really seems to be a bit turned off by the word love. And he loves her so much. He's really sweet.
LOL I first thought Oliver's dad was a truck driver too.

anthony luvs johanna said...

I love Nelson and his questions. This will be interesting to see what develops.

Dapper Kid said...

Oliver is pretty sweet here. I am looking forward to the developments!

Lonnie Love said...

Its looking like a lot of work. Keep going.

Sydney Speel said...

'like a real indiana jones?'


i like this.


gossip guy said...

This side of Oliver. Sweet.

autumn said...

lol @ mentioning Indian Jones. looks like a lot of work to be done. good luck to Ollie. lol.