nobody said it would be quite like this

Neither of them were really up to be locked and loaded for the fiasco to commence. Actually, they slept away pretty much most of the day in bed. And it was sleep. A deep sleep where Oliver really didn't care if they spooned or not. It was just a good time to recharge and not think about what would happen.

He dreamed of Merry-go-arounds with elephants. It made him laugh. And the sun was shining brightly when he finally managed to get up and go take a pee. Sluggish and sour breathed, he wasn't exactly sure he wanted Bex to see him this way. He got out all the undies he'd taken. He just wish he could choose. Finally he just ended up washing clothes and making coffee.

A part of him wanted to lay back down and forget. That unspeakable word. Dayton. Maybe Dayton would stay another day away. Just prolong the agony. A part of Oliver wanted him here so they could just get this over with.

As it was Oliver folded socks and her underwear and hung most of the stuff he'd worn of Bex's back in her closet. It was now clean.

He stared at the closet thinking if Nelson knew this he'd claim him to be a crossdresser. He could just hear their conversation now.

"What kind of pre-madonna are you, wearing your girlfriend's clothes? There has to be a name for that." Then he could feel it in his veins. That song about changing gender roles by James. God, he couldn't remember the last time he heard that song.

Now he felt his head was of lead. Honestly, he was in dire need of a smoke. A real smoke. Not that nicotine crap. How in the hell would he ever get through this? But he'd kept quiet and let Bex alone. She needed her energy, and he didn't want to take any of it today.

Oliver was preparing for the most ghastly day ever.

He brought her breakfast in bed. Well, it was for both of them.

"There's a lock on the bedroom door, isn't there?" There was a half-bathroom in the bedroom, too. "We could make do in here if we had too."

She nodded taking her coffee and tasting bits of the egg and toast he'd brought her.

"You think he'll leave, don't you?" It was so somber now. Waiting for ugliness to bop its head around.

"I hope." She looked blankly at him that she didn't have a real answer. "He has too. I don't want him here, Oliver."

"OK. I thought so. And you're really ready for it to be over?" He nibbled on a bit of toast. Really, he wasn't so hungry, either.

"Of course," Bex shrugged. "I just don't want him here. I think you should stay."

"I'll get some provisions, just in case." He smiled giving her a kiss on the forehead. She had her studies to contend with, anyway. So he cleaned up breakfast and shuffled around in the kitchen for a while, hoping for the best. It was all so quiet and cozy. He couldn't imagine the horror that would eventually invade these simple walls.


UmassSlytherin said...

omg! ghaaa! can't wait to see what happens next!!!! that little punk dayton, I could kick his ass myself! :) he deserves what he gets, if you ask me!

gossip guy said...

all this stuff to think about..glad he put back her clothes.

Cate said...

i love the james reference. i thought i was the only one who knew that band ^^
i can't wait for the confrontation to happen. i'm anxious. poor ollie.

Glass Mannequin said...

I like the way you write. I'm intrigued by how well you write as a guy. A couple things are a little off (you don't mention food often enough) but you do a remarkable job.


Glass Mannequin said...

I like the way you write. I'm intrigued by how well you write as a guy. A couple things are a little off (you don't mention food often enough) but you do a remarkable job.


Krosemarie said...

oooohhh very exciting!!! I like very much where this is going!!! I will stay tuned for the next post!!!!


btw, thanks for following my blog!!

Krosemarie said...

Thanks so much for your advice on my Cbox!! It helped, a lot.


DeAtH Pr!nCeSs said...

Heya !! nice story line !! i love the pictures on your blog

autumn said...

i hope Bex won't change her mind or else.. =[