drink up, baby

Oliver really didn't want the fun to end. It felt it had just begun, but he knew he didn't want, either of them in a parked car just yet. They'd have to be sober for the ride home or call a cab. He knew what happened to drunks in parked cars. Usually, they went to jail and always lost their driver's license.

Naturally, Izzy had to call a little after two.

"What are you doing?" Izzy sounded pretty lit herself.

"I'm with-" He didn't want to tell her. "with friends and we're having pancakes at IHOP." He kept smiling at Bex who kept pouring cream in his coffee. "What are you doing?"

She said something about being at Francine's aka Nelson's, but he really wasn't listen.

"Well, then...take care." And he clicked off before she could tell him anything more.

"So what's up?" Bex looked at him dazed. "Fucking that guy?"

"I don't want to fucking know, to tell you the truth," Oliver took a sip of his coffee. "But about that word," he winced. "Might be just a bit overkill. You might get us in a fight or something."

"Really, you want us to get in a fight with some one?" She giggled but caught her bottom lip from laughing.

"I think we shall save that til tomorrow night." Oliver smiled.

Bex wasn't smiling now. She looked even sad.

"It'll be all right," Oliver caught her fingers and held them gently. "Once that's out of the way, blue skies, right?"

"Ollie, I just don't know." She looked as if she could cry in her coffee. Bex kept stirring in sugar.

"Chin up, yeah?" He nudged her chin then with his index finger then.

"OK, but I really need some sleep, and I've got so much fucking laundry." Bex sighed.

"Then lets drink up, get some food, sober up and go home." Oliver smiled, but he was pretty sure he'd be the one driving.


ellie said...

Its like one has to be the others cheerleader, sometimes. Hope Bex won't change her mind.

autumn said...

i bet when they separate their ways, both of them will be crying. and i'm already sad thinking about it. *sobs*

☆natalie☆ said...

Thanks for the comment (: This story looks incredibly good. I have to start reading from the beginning until I get up to date, but I'll definitely stay tuned (:

another.ellie said...

Chin up, aye....I like that line..a lot. I just hope Bex won't back out on him. He needs her more than ever.

Krosemarie said...

I am excited to see what happens when Dayton comes back!!! Can't wait!!!

Oh, and if you're ever on my blog, if your interested, you can now follow my blog....

Keep up the awesome writing!!!


victoria said...

i would love to forget about cross country, but i cant. you know?

taffy. said...

oh bex & fuck.
and i love nelson's woman name.