all work no play

Bex hated her boss. There was a dress code at the library, and Bex wasn't obeying the rules. She was just in her lime green track suit and her gray Converses with her thick brunette hair pulled up on top of her head in a has been ponytail. She was wearing her black rimmed glasses too. She was being the lowest of low maintance today. To hell with what they said. At least she showered before coming in.

She worked in acquistions. She only saw the public, rarely. There were boxes of books to unpack, then to be organized and make sure lists lined up and to check if there were cracks or pages missing from the new books and that was before she actually got to the computer to start the process of letting patrons know the new books were here. Along with that came the tedious time of barcoding the books, stamping the label of the library on the books. She would demage them to the point there would really be no resale value. Just more insurance that the library owned the book.

It was a lonely life.

Just then she smelled him in the room before he ever came around the corner. He smelled wonderful like a passion fruit of some kind. Oliver was in the building. Smartly dressed as usual. He shamed all the other library clerks. He could make anything look fantastic, she supposed. He bought everything from the thrift store. Oliver donned gray pin striped slacks and a button down mauve shirt with a very slim tie. Of course, he wore his old black Converses for comfort.

"Well, don't you look spiffy, something happening after work?" She felt like shit now after seeing him. She hadn't even attempted to look presentable. She even forgot to put on any moisturizer.


"Well, you should go out."

"And do what?" He smirked.

"Have some fun I suppose instead of being stuck with me and all these boxes." She fretted a bit thinking it might as well be a lifetime sentence of hard labor.

"I could help you with those boxes if you like?" He offered.

"No, I wouldn't want to mess you up."

"You would do no such thing." He shrugged.

"You get out there at circulation before we get bitched out for talking too much."

"All right then. I'll come and get you at breaktime, around three."

She nodded. Bex would be looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

this post is great seriously i felt like i was there.

UmassSlytherin said...

oh my god bex needs to ditch that little punk dayton and get it on with oliver!!!!! he wants her!!!!! I hope they do it soon, please have them making out alotalotalot!!!

Great update, love it so much!

lonnie love said...

I like where this is going...I think.

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for reading my blog. i cant believe people actually read what i write

autumn said...

haha. cute scene. =]]

taffy. said...

good. she likes oliver as well.

you have no idea how much i love this post.