at the desk

Oliver kept looking at the little girl who was making faces at him while he was checking out her brother's books. He couldn't tell if she was really amused by him or she really hated him. He continued to kill her with kindness.

"And that'll be due in three weeks," He handed over the receipt to the boy along with his cloth bookbag.

"Bye now, Miley Cyrus." He grinned really big and turned away scowling. Was it three yet? He wanted to be out of here before the rotten teenagers from the high school drifted in. It really was a small library. And it really shouldn't have been all that bad, but it was beginning to get tight in here. Teens looking at porn on the Internet. Makeout sessions in the YA bean bag area (who's idea was that?) and some how he always got sent out to break it up, and he knew they thought he was like sending a lap dog out to do a real full-timer's job. He wasn't in charge of anything.

But he looked at the overweight woman behind the glass, still on the phone. She'd give him crap that he better do whatever she sent him out to do. He scowled again. He hated the Grape Ape of a woman who was his supervisor. If he'd been more manly maybe she wouldn't be so imposing. But that wasn't going change. He'd thought about wearing eyeliner just to see if she'd say anything. Perhaps if she thought he was all that and more, she'd stop harping on him about every little thing that needed to be done. But he doubted it.

He looked at his computer to get in the check in mode since more books were coming in. When he looked up, he saw Nelson looking straight at him. Oliver, blinked a little shocked that he'd see his drug dealer here. It wasn't like he owed him a thing. They were not friends. They never said more than two words to each other. It was an exchanged and that was that.

"May I help you," Oliver stared at him as if he'd never seen him before. He doubted Nelson even had a library card. Not to say he thought Nelson was a slimy creature. He looked rather normal in his Run DMC T-shirt and average jeans. His dark lashes gave him a slight sleepy face, but his Afro was tidy and natural.

"Yeah, I've got a problem."

"A problem?" Oliver didn't want any problems from Nelson. Oliver decided this might not be best discussed at the desk. "Well, let me show you where those Chilton books are."

"Its not a car problem," Nelson said as he followed Oliver back to the isles of books.

"Its not?" Shit, Oliver thought. What the hell does he want?

"I was wondering if you could ...uh...I need help finding a dress."

"A dress?" Oliver looked at him as if he were crazy. "Well, there ain't no dressing room in the library." Oliver tried to joke.

"I know, " Nelson said shyly. "I just thought you might know something about women's clothes."
"Women's clothes?" This was a first. People who noticed him in the grocery store from the library always thought he'd know where everything was at the grocery store, but this, this was strange.

"For me."

"For you?"

"Yeah, like what would I look good in."

"You, in a dress?" He looked the dark African American up and down. He was solid as a rock. "I just don't see it." He shrugged.

"I just want to look nice."

"For what?" Oliver rubbed his index finger against his chin.

"For me."

"Why would you come to me?" Oliver winced.

"Because I thought you'd know."

"I'm not a cross-dresser." Oliver told him.

"You're not?"

Oliver crossed his arms and stared back at Nelson. "OK, between the two of us, we know I'd look much better in a dress than you would. Why would you want to?"

"Because I feel better wearing a dress."

Oliver smiled and licked his lips. Maybe Nelson was on to something. "All right, we'll start when I get off from here at the thrift shops. See what we come up with. If that doesn't work, there's always the Dress Barn."


autumn said...

haha. this is too funny. the Miley Cyrus. and the dress thingy. i like this. =]]

Anonymous said...

i like that you metioned miley cyrus, i am going to link this blog to my normal one if you don't mind

simon n josh said...

I wasn't expecting it..but I love it. Keep writing.

Fashion_Girl22 said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

I love your blog. The header is great! Alex Evans is so cute!

Dapper Kid said...

Haha yay for Miley! And with regards to the photograph, I had one foot twisted around so they were facing opposite ways!

Anonymous said...

yeah the story is pretty scary

victoria said...

well, that was unexpected! haha. thanks for the comment :) and great job on the story!

taffy. said...

haha, oh my god.
pleeeeaaaaseeee keep nelson as a character!

like elaborate.

he's funny, but not cos he cross dresses, he's just so matter-of-fact and... uggg
i love him :)

Liz said...

LOL I loved this part!!! xD