a new drug

Bex washed her hands in the bathroom. She kept staring into the mirror but not exactly at herself. What had just happened? She shut her eyes tightly. Thinking of his lips. His thumb.

She caught herself from thinking anymore. She didn't want to freak out. She wasn't just thinking about his thumb? Was she?

She had to sit down to pee. Maybe she could just have an orgasm right now thinking about him. All of him. Oliver.

God, this was strange and she was sure she couldn't go on tonight After catching her breath so. God, it even hurt to pee. But that might have been Dayton's fault. She didn't think so.

All this physical and emotional stuff really could take a toll on someone. Especially, when she needed to be at the front desk right now. Mrs. Humphrey was taking over for her. God knows, how much the old woman disliked people.

But as this feeling washed over her about Oliver. She wanted him more. How could she stop it?

Finally, she managed to tidy herself up. Although, she felt she was walking funny. She so wanted to just stay in the bathroom, but she had to go. Had to go out there. Act natural. God, what was fucking natural anymore? Could it get anymore natural than this?

She was high. Oliver was a new drug and she just hadn't had quite enough yet.


autumn said...

bex is really tensed. haha. i like it. i can feel her. lol.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-thanks for stopping by my blog!! Keep up the great work, a good storyline!

Ivy said...

Oh boy...interesting..how Bex feels about him.

UmassSlytherin said...

yay!!! she is finally coming to her senses! can't wait for more hawt oliver and bex action! hehehe! great update, can't wait for more! :) well done, cait!!!

em the skerry person grr said...

yeah totally i get inspired by stuff all of the time but it depends where i am and if im close to a computer or notebook so i can jot things down

Krosemarie said...

Very interesting.....I love your characters!! I find them to be very realistic, and very believable!!! Awesome, I can't wait to read more!!!!!!


taffy. said...


kay, yeah, sorry for that as well.