the good, the bad and the ugly

Geoff didn't know what had brought this out in Dayton. It didn't seem possible. Ambushing Bex that way. Saying those things he never imagine would come from Dayton. What had got into him?

He took baby Trent from him.

"I think maybe you've been holding the baby far too long," Geoff said. After all, he really hadn't had his chance to know the baby at all. His head had been full of thoughts about Nancy and if she'd be in this zombie state for good. He prayed not. He wanted the nightmare to be over so she could have her life with the baby as it should be.

"I'm sorry." Dayton could barely say to him.

"Why don't you wash up. Take a shower, you know, relax." Geoff nodded. Everyone was leaving now. The food had been put away. It was quiet now and Geoff held the baby who was so asleep. He was so tiny and nothing like Nancy at all. It was amazing how he got here, Geoff thought to himself after Dayton went to shower.

He touched baby Trent's cheek. Geoff imagined Trent was Dayton's baby. There was something about him that he knew. He knew deep down and Dayton knew it too. Geoff didn't want this to hold such an importance to him, but it did. Basically, he wanted to provide a home for the baby. No matter who might be the father.

Yet, it came to him like a burst of happiness that he was the baby's father. He was. Perhaps not biological just the same, Trent's father. Geoff suddenly started to weep. He couldn't help it. Possibly, it was the pure sensation of knowing he would need to be there for the baby. The good times and the bad.

Geoff heard the shower cut off. He looked up a the ceiling hoping the times weren't always bad like now.

"I didn't mean to upset you," Dayton promised when he came back in his flannel pants and wet hair. "Really. I just always knew it was like that. I did. I know how Bex feels about me. And it makes me so sad to know, I'll always be that to her. And I guess Nancy thinks just like her. You know, about me. And I know this isn't about me at all. But still-"

"She doesn't hate you," Geoff shook his head. "Nancy, wanted me to find you that night when I married her. She wants you around. She does."

"I wish she really had someone." Dayton nodded as if it were something he wish he could give her.

"I just want her back to being normal." Geoff nodded.

Dayton put his arm around him. They looked at the sleeping baby. Geoff sighed feeling Dayton's strength weighing on him.


Jared said...

Am I going to want to read from the beginning to get this fully?

blue hearts said...

hmmm..good question...Actually, the story started about Bex living with Dayton, but then she fell in love with someone she worked with in the lib. While that was going on..Chris and Dayton might have been more than friends, but then his friend Chris met Max (Bex's brother) and now they are a couple..and Dayton got mixed up with Nancy, got herpies, met Geoff at a clinic..and well..the rest is his history. Does that help?

natalie said...

It was nice to see Geoff finally get to actually hold the baby. And like he said, even if he isn't Trent's actual parent, he'll still be able to act just like a father to him. Hmm, I still don't know about Dayton though...

Ivyoaks said...

Oh, Dayton loves that baby though. Never thought that it would be that way.

fan fic said...

I hope they'll find their place with the baby.