It was true. Nancy's mother did make Dayton a little nervous. He didn't know why she'd showed up at the house. Things were fine here. The baby was doing great. It was so quaint and cozy until now.

"Aren't you suppose to be with Nancy?" Dayton brought her the last of the coffee. He wondered if she was here to inspect the place. What had he done now?

"I don't see the point, sometimes." She was sour to the world, and he guess he should have expected it. He could tell this thing with Nancy had put some age to her. She looked very tired and the frown wrinkles around the edges of her lips shown harsh.

"But they say she's improving." At least Geoff had told him. He saw her everyday. He would bring Trent with him every night too. It wasn't like Nancy didn't have some time with the baby.

"If you think one stutter here or there is improvement. She can't move." Her mother was a bit testy even talking about her.

"Well, maybe if you're away for a few days then you can tell." Dayton winced. Not that he wanted her here, either. "Maybe you need to go shopping." Wasn't that what women needed to do in times like these?

"I'm very proud of you Dayton," she then said which surprised him. He thought he might faint. He never expected to hear her say it. "You stepping up like this. Must take a lot out of you."

"No," he shook his head, wondering what she was getting at. "Not really. I-I can do this. I have to. I want too."

"Do you plan on going back to work?"

"Eventually," Dayton nodded.

"Would you let me watch him in the afternoons?" She wanted to know.

"Sure." He nodded, "But give me another week or two with him and then he's all your. All right?" He knew he'd have to make a compromise. After all, she was the grandmother. He got it now. She did want to see progress. Maybe she'd seen too much of Nancy as of late. "But right now, I know Nancy appreciates you being there."

"What about you? When are you going to see her?" Her mother wanted to know.

"I dunno." Dayton shook his head. He didn't want to ruin it for Nancy. He was afraid if she saw him it might set her back. "I think right now I need to stay here." He doubted her mother would understand that, but Nancy would.


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I like this. The descriptions are really good.

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wow, he did need to hear this from Nancy's Mom.

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Hey I know this may sound weird, but is Nancy in the header? On the sidebar you usually post the name and picture. But if she is the blond girl on the header she is pretty. Who is that?

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