fading fast

Nancy had never been in such terrible pain. Nasty stuff. Even Dayton said so. He took off her shoes after he made the call. He was being so, so nice. She guessed. But she didn't want to talk to him.

He told her about his cat when he was a kid that had three kittens.

"Each one had a different father. One was an orange tabby, another was white faced with a black coat, and a black one, that I accidentally killed." He began to cry so much.

Nancy gritted in pain.

Dayton was squeamish as he jerked at her short leggings that were so wet under her baby-doll maternity dress.

"I dropped it in a big box and forgot about it." Dayton told her.

She wished he'd stop talking about the kitten.

Thankfully, the sirens came and so did a fire truck for some strange reason. Here came the pain again as the medics appeared and put something in her arm for the pain and strapped her in some contraption to take her away. Dayton went right along with them. He held her hand as if he had too. Yet he was going to do a little as he could. No way was he having this baby for her.

"Its really going well," Dayton smiled but his eyes were so red. She just couldn't trust him. "I wish you'd say something."

She made a noise, but it wasn't a word. It finally occurred to her that maybe she couldn't talk. Maybe. She felt as if she was losing something. She wasn't sure what. But she laid there calm. So calm.

And when they got to the hospital they rushed her down the emergency hallway. And Dayton ran as fast as he could but somehow he got jerked away in the process. Someone said it was happening. But she didn't know what was happening as words got muffled. Her head jerked back from one face to another. It was uncontrollable. Nancy didn't want any part of it. They were taking her into surgery.

"Something is happening..." She thought she heard someone say, but she wasn't sure because everything went black after that.


ellie said...

I hope Nancy will be all right. Dayton, he really knows how to cheer someone up.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh. I need to find out more! Something is happening:O

simon n josh said...

I just hope Nancy is ok. but that story about the kitten worries me a little.

the oaks said...

I hope this works out OK.

natalie said...

Wow, Dayton really knows how to lift Nancy's spirits... a dead kitten? Honestly, haha. I really hope everything goes alright with the baby :/

Winnie said...

Wow this sounds scary, hope everything is ok.