Riley helped Dayton close the library at five in the afternoon. It was Friday, and not the 13th. They'd spent an eternity together, or so thought Dayton. It seemed this dude knew where everything should be put away and kept talking about storylines from this book and that book. Of course, Dayton wasn't sure he believed him or not. Really, Riley liked to talk.

Maybe he had Asperger's or something. Was that where you made an ass of yourself at a party and never knew it, he thought. No, sure enough he'd have it then. Maybe that's what his problem was. He had it. Only Dayton knew he wasn't a genesis and usually genesis had that sort of Autism. Well, it was something to think about on the way home.

He just wasn't expecting so many freaky people at the library, but he'd have to get used to it. The world was a freaky place, after all.

When he got home, he noticed Geoff wasn't there. He wasn't suppose to be alone with Nancy. Now was he? Of course, when he came in the house he felt so alone. Everything was so damn quite. He was expecting a note on the kitchen table. Maybe they'd gone to the hospital. And he could breath a sigh of relief.

"I bet they didn't have time for a note." Dayton went to the fridge then and found some juice. No one was around so he drank from the carton and yawned. He just might take a nap. Riley had bore him stiff. Would that guy be there every Friday?

He put the juice away, and he was about to turn on the TV and then he heard something. Something just not quite right. But it might have been something outside. He'd check Nancy's room just to be sure. Her room was behind the white door where everything was quite white and very crisp and so old fashioned. Geoff had found her a very old iron bed that he'd painted white and got a new mattress. Really, he treated her like a princess.

He didn't knock, he opened the door and he saw her laying there. She was hugging a pillow and squinting so. Like a bad dream might be happening or she needed to get up and take a really good shit. Well, Dayton wouldn't say it.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

She made a slight moan.

"You, all right?" He took a good look at her.

He walked around to the other side of the bed. To his surprise the bed was dripping of something ever so slightly.

"Holy Crap!" Dayton cringed. He got out his cell right away and called 911. Really, he tried to feel nothing. Not a thing, but he felt he was about to jump out of his skin. If this didn't go right, it would be all his fault.

And when he got on the line with the 911 person, he began to cry like an idiot. He just couldn't get the words out the way he wanted. "What am I suppose to do!"


e.l. said...

I liked how you gave us an idea this might be a freaky moment..just had to be this way I suppose.

Keep going!

past the point said...

thanks for the note. oh, wow, I hadn't expected this.

natalie said...

Oh wow, I definitely was not expecting that! O: I thought a burglar was going to jump out of the closet or something... of course out of everyone it's Dayton that's in this predicament with her!

the oaks said...

I liked this so much. So irrie, you know.

sid and violet said...

this looks like the beginning of something great.

Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

I so knew that was coming! Lol but I like the way you had Dayton react, that was good.

Cait said...

Yeah, I was bidding my time with this..I just couldn't help but let him be there for the big occasion.

the oaks said...

That must have been scary to see her that way. I think he'll step up.