you never know

Dayton knew Oliver meant well about offering him the shelving position, but he wasn't sure if it was for him.

"But we're desperate," Oliver looked at him as if he really needed him. "I'm serious."

"You're sure?" He didn't want to take somebody else's job. It just seemed kind of funny that he'd working here with him and Bex. "You talked this over with that dear sweet wife of yours?" Of course, he didn't really find anything sweet about Bex other than having Oliver.

"She knows." Oliver sighed as they walked to the back where there was a shitload of books to be mended.

"You talked to her about it?" Dayton smiled wondering just how that conversation went.

"Yeah, she's OK with it because she sees as you contributing to your family instead of being a freeloader."

Dayton just nodded. It was still hard to think of the word family when it came to him and Geoff, but then he had to remember Nancy and the baby. So much to look forward too.

"All right. Don't want to be a freeloader." He would just take that goddamn job then. He grabbed an apron and got busy with the books.

"See you could do some extra houses on the mending," Oliver nodded. "You could work up to thirty hours a week."

"Thirty hours a week?" At least he'd be out of Nancy's hair. "Sounds fine to me."

"And we'll need you every night during the week but on Friday and you'd have weekends off." Oliver told him.

"Nice." This was getting to look like sunshine to Dayton. "Would I see Bex?"

"Not unless you want too." Oliver then said.

"I don't really want too."

"She never works nights." Oliver nodded.

"Oh." Dayton rubbed his index finger on his bottom lip. This job looked perfect. He got busy then. He was definitely not stirring up trouble. He just needed to stay the course. Slow and steady, isn't that what everyone wanted to see out of him these days?


e.l. said...

that was sweet of Oliver. the conversation was so fun, too.

simon n josh said...

I so loved this moment with Dayton & Oliver..and dayton saying..your dear sweet wife...

sid and violet said...

This was great!

natalie said...

"Your dear sweet wife" ahaha! That made me giggle ;) Hopefully this is going to be great for Dayton and nothing goes terribly wrong!

simon n josh said...

OK..I'll say it again..I like this...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I just re-read Dk;DC and this but I think I still might need a re-cap if that is okay