living on a prayer

Nancy knew she'd got her way, again. She loved it and hated it at the same time. Yes, she knew Geoff was Dayton's boyfriend. Not her boyfriend, but for a little while she could imagine he was. Or at least people who saw them could think it, couldn't they?

She knew it wasn't true, but it felt nice to even think it for a second. That they were both someone else, and Geoff was going to be the best Dad in the world. The father of her baby.

It was a nice feeling to have. It was as if she had a choice in the matter now. She could pick who she wanted. And it was Geoff. She so wanted it to be true. She thought she could have a better life because of it, too.

And they would be together. It would be a family. It would be so simple. She wasn't asking for that much, now was she?

There was so much she was thankful for. Even if there were those worries with her health and the herpes too, still things were going so well. She'd found out recently, someone she'd gone to high school with just had a baby, and something was the matter with it due to the mother being HIV positive. He would be taking medication every-time he ate for the rest of his life and most times the medication made him throw up so his weight was really low. Nancy didn't want to think about things like that. She was only asking for this one little thing. That everything would be all right and Geoff would be there for her and the baby.

She knew it was a lot to ask for, but she could hope for it. So she prayed for it, everyday.


ellie said...

Oh..Nancy..always wishing for stuff..she can't have.

simon n josh said...

Poor Nancy. She is in a sad situation.

n a t a l i e said...

Awww ): Even with so many problems in her life, Nancy still manages to be thankful! Hopefully she can end up being happy without messing things up with Geoff/Dayton.

dawn said...

nancy, nancy, nancy....what to say? i'm afraid she may fall hard, no?

i thought the same way about the soloist...funny that it doesn't really just grab you, but it's a respectable piece for sure. i don't know what would have made it better. you probably have a much better perspective on that than i do.
we are raining.
i feel like i'm raining inside too. :)