filled with laughter

When Bex got home, she wasn't expecting a crowd. Especially, in the nursery. It seemed everyone was over. Well, everyone she hadn't expected. Dayton. Nancy and Geoff.

"Oh," she felt she'd walked in on something. Geoff was putting his signature on the sunflower field too.

"Surprise," was all Oliver could manage. It really was a pleasant surprise. The mural. But it still baffled her why Dayton was here.

"I wanted to help," he nodded and gave her a half smile but stepped away as if he might bump into her accidentally since she wasn't hard to miss.

She found it so hard to be nice to him, but she would try. Maybe. She found Nancy, who gave her a smile as if she was glad she came.

"So how are you feeling?" She asked Bex.

"OK." And she was. It had been a long day. But the ladies at the library had made over her. They'd shopped. Lunched. Shopped more. It had been a good day. And she felt closer to all of her co-workers because of it. "What about you?"

"Good." She smiled. "Even work has been better. Just going there in the mornings now." She nodded. "And I'm just having one kid. You're having two."

They talked a bit more about movies and concerts, and how they needed to do things together before the babies came.

Just then the doorbell rang, and Dayton went to pay for the pizzas. Bex sat back and relaxed. She thought she might be dreaming.

"No, you're not dreaming." Oliver told her.

"Yeah, but it feels that way." She smiled. "The next thing you'll tell me, the babies are here." She just grinned. He kissed her on the cheek.

"Wouldn't that be nice." Oliver put his arm around her then. She thought this might be one of those days she had to embrace to the fullest.


n a t a l i e said...

It's good to see that they're all able sort of get along with each other for just a little bit, hehe.

Mimi said...

aah you're such a good writer!

Ivyoaks said...

Maybe this should be the end. You know. Nice.

the oaks said...

It would be nice...especially about the babies.