embracing the situation

Honestly, Oliver didn't know if Dayton was listening to him or not. He felt he had to keep him pepped up instead of down about this, Nancy and Geoff nuptials coming up. He'd put him to mending books at the library. Actually, Dayton was pretty good at it. It was something to concentrate on, Oliver supposed.

"Now, you're going to embrace the situation," Oliver told him.

"I'm letting it go is what I'm doing." Dayton sighed as he carefully put the glue in between pages.

"Precisely." Although, Oliver wasn't so sure he meant it. Exactly. "You just have to put a bit a joy in to it. And who knows, her child is possibly your child, you know. And you'll all be family then."

"But its not my kid." He was on the fence again about that.

"But what if it is?"

Dayton shook his head, no.

"Its not."

"All right, but you could still be a good uncle." Oliver gave him a pat on the back.

"Why won't he talk to me, Oliver?" Dayton looked at him quite sad.

"I dunno." He wished he knew what to do. But what was there he could comfort him with? "It'll take some time, I'm sure Geoff's just busy with everything, right now."

Dayton frowned, slamming the glued pages of the book shut. Next thing Oliver knew Dayton hugged him so hard. His clingy self was perhaps embracing something Oliver wished he'd thought about. Something entirely different from what he'd mentioned.

Oliver's eyes shot open. They were in the backroom where Bex used to work. Oliver just sighed realising, he would just have to wait. Let Dayton get this out of his system. It just seemed to be taking longer than Oliver expected. Why does he have to have his fingers in my hair, Oliver then thought.


dawn said...

oh boy! haha! awesome....

hope you're having a sunny, happy weekend! i'm so grateful for our sun these past two days. and especially since i'm sick as a dog. :( we did go to see sunshine cleaners last night...it's very much like little miss sunshine. it's dark like that, and also gritty and real and loving. so of course i liked it! i think you'd like it too! sending good energy your way, friend.

sid and violet said...

this is definitely looking quite interesting. what could it mean?

n a t a l i e said...

Oliver is being such a good and patient friend... maybe TOO good of a friend? I wonder where this hug will lead!

Anonymous said...

Oliver is being so great:)

and i only know two songs by him but i did see him on the icarly episode and thought he looked sweet.

Cait said...

I don't know..I thought it would be interesting with these two together. hehehee...