some kind of wonderful

It was the last thing Oliver expected. Really. Didn't know what he was suppose to do about it, but here Dayton was on his doorstep.

Luckily, Bex was out with some of the ladies she worked with at the library. They'd taken her out on a field trip of sorts to go to the old market and a couple of quilt shops. His luck, she'd show up in a wheel chair full of presents. But as it was, she'd just left, and it felt like a lovely day to him to perhaps do some art. One form or another. He needed some time to think about it, and here Dayton shows up.

"You been watching the house or something?" How had he known when to drop in? Dayton seriously knew he and Bex had issues, didn't he?

"No." He just shrugged and came in. "Its just-"

"Just what?" Oliver offered him the last of the coffee and he took it.

"She's at it again." He said so solemn as if it had hurt his feelings, but he didn't want to let it show.

"Who?" Oliver looked at him, trying to imagine what Bex had done now.


"Nancy?" Oliver winced.

"She's taking up all of Geoff's time." Dayton's bottom lip pouted just a bit.

"Sorry to hear that." Oliver cleared his throat and put out the chocolate chip scones. "What do you mean, exactly?"

"Who knows." Dayton slouched down at the kitchen table stirring his coffee. "Shopping probably."

"Then why don't you go with them?"

"Can't." His lip twitched a little as he just stared at the cup of coffee now loaded with cream and sugar. "Geoff says I make her nervous. He's afraid her blood pressure will get high, some shit like that. And you know, it might be my baby she's carrying and all. It really sucks."

"Yeah, I guess it would." Oliver sipped his coffee.

"So I got all this free time, and I thought I'd see what you were doing?" He sighed and finally drank his coffee then.

"I didn't know, you know-"

"I always liked you." Dayton sprang on him then which took Oliver by surprise.

Oliver cleared his throat not sure what to say. He grabbed a scone then and stuffed it in his mouth.

"I kind of had a crush on you."

Oliver's scone fell out of his mouth and he coughed the rest up.

"Are you doing this to me on purpose?" Oliver looked at him... then the mess he'd made.

"No." There was a great silence as Oliver went to get the trash can and put the scone out of its misery. "Its just if you'd been a girl then- then- you should have been a girl."

Oliver winced back at him. "What are you trying to tell me? I need a sex change."

"No." Dayton squinted. "You're not manly, you know. If you had been, then, well- I like that Geoff can grow hair on his face. I wish I could. God, he's so damn hairy and he's a man, you know."

"You're confusing me." Oliver squinted more thinking this was the strangest conversation he'd ever had with anyone.

"Its just you're the kind of guy I always thought was gay."

"But I'm not."

"Duh. Jesus, you live and breathe Bex, and she doesn't even care." Dayton told him. "I just wish I could be more like you. You're so damn happy about everything. You go out of your way to show you care, and I just can't seem to make friends."

"I guess." Oliver looked at Dayton. "Its never easy. It isn't. Who ever you are or what you are. You just wait. And hope if it, whatever that might be, finds you, you try to make the best of it."

"But you've got this-this something. That I don't have, and if you could teach me, I'd be your new best friend. I would." Dayton promised.

Oliver sighed and just shook his head. "Maybe you already have it, and don't know it."


Oliver couldn't help but smirk then.


N a t a l i e. said...

Hahaha, "are you trying to tell me I need a sex change?" Awww Oliver (; I absolutely love their whole conversation, even as strange as it was :D Thank goodness Oliver isn't gay.

Have a great week!

ellie said...

Oh..Dayton..he's a peculiar creature.

Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

Haha, this made me laugh. Put the scone out of its misery.....great.

Ivyoaks said...

It was funny. I like them together as friends.