don't know why

Dayton was glad that Oliver let him help paint the nursery. He'd never painted this much before, and it felt good to help out. Oliver was painting a field of sunflowers and he left the cotton-like clouds for Dayton.

"Man, you're good," Dayton looked at his work. "Probably better than anything Geoff can do."

"Oh, you better not say that," Oliver felt his laugh get stuck in his throat. "I still have a lot of work to do."

"You just don't give up, do you?" Dayton winced.

"I dunno." Oliver acted as if he didn't know what he meant.

"You know, you just take some thing and make art out of it. Its like you take nothing and make it into something." Dayton told him.

"Well, thanks." Oliver smiled and went back to a sunflower to work on. "So what have you all decided with Nancy?"

"Oh, he wants her to move in." Dayton sighed. "Its this huge lie, you know. Her folks thinking we're still together. God, its not like a threesome, you know."

"Well, of course not." Oliver made light of it as he struggled with his thin paint brush on the yellow petal. "Won't it be a foursome anyway by the time the baby gets here."

"About that," Dayton pondered at one of the clouds. It looked lonely. He needed to sponge more clouds. "I don't have one father feeling in my whole body. I just know its not mine, you know."

"Well, think about Chris," Oliver looked over at Dayton then. "He didn't really care who the biological father was, he just took Chloe in, like his own."

"Yeah, well, if I could see it. You know, stranded on the road somewhere and all, I might think different, but this, this is like I gotta be responsible for something I didn't even want in the first place. And it worries me still, that I'll feel nothing even if it is mine, just because Nancy had something to do with it. I don't like her, Oliver. I just can't stand her."

"Well, what I think you really need is just some baby-time. Maybe you could talk to Max and Chris, sometime. I bet they'd be happy to let you hold Chloe." Oliver nodded.

Dayton sucked in a breath. He wasn't so sure he had the nerve to see Chris with Max. It still hurt, and he didn't know why.


Ivyoaks said...

Dayton and his many feelings. He seems to have the hardest time changing..and yet he does.

ellie said...

What'll happen next?

n a t a l i e said...

I wonder if once the baby is born, Dayton's feelings will change? Hmmmm, can't wait to find out.

the oaks said...

what's next?

ivy's closet said...

Dayton just has to get over this.

dawn said...

yikes. he''ll try to do the right thing, but i really hope he's brave enough to just be honest about the whole thing once and for all. tough stuff he's dealing with....
the nursery sounds really cute though! :)

i hope you're well....have you gotten to see the soloist yet? i thought it was really very good. a good, solid movie. it didn't move me like slumdog or rev. road, but i did like it. robert downey is always someone i'll watch no matter what. stay well my friend and hoping you're enjoying your days.