that kind of story

"So has Tony put you on the spot or anything?" Geoff asked Dayton after dinner when they might as well be in bed, but not asleep.

"On the spot about school?" Dayton winced as if that was the last thing he wanted to discuss half undressed.

"No, not about that," Geoff was being a bit mysterious.

"Is there a present involved?" Dayton supposed he could make it a guessing game of some kind. He didn't want to think about education nor work for that matter.

"Afraid not." Geoff just smiled.

"Well, lets not talk about it," Dayton thought that would be the end of it. They kissed as if to move on to other necessities of the night.

"Maybe I shouldn't mention it," Geoff sighed after awhile when the kissing was perhaps a bit more touching now. There on the bed.

"You are mentioning it," Dayton nodded. He didn't want the mood to break. "What is it?"

"I shouldn't tell you." Geoff shrugged and fell back on his pillow.

"But you will." Dayton climbed right on top of him then, tickling him in the ribs.

"Stop." Geoff was laughing. He wasn't serious. Finally, Dayton let up and looked down at Geoff, thinking there were other things on his mind than this Tony stuff.

"OK, how do you feel about acting?" Geoff sighed.

"What?" Dayton winced almost with a laugh. "I don't think about it. Period."

"Well, you might be cast on some up coming play of Tony's."

"No." Dayton shook his head. "I won't do it. I won't."

Geoff grabbed Dayton's hands they played around a bit more.

"Why didn't he ask you?" Dayton suddenly wanted to know. "You've done some stuff for him, before."

"That was just one afternoon. I hardly call that acting and I'm not an actor." Geoff grinned. Somehow, Dayton had managed to be wrapped in Geoff's arms as he could feel Geoff's warm breath behind his ear.

"Then what am I? I'm the guy who comes along and sweeps the stage afterwards."

"Don't say that." Geoff nudged even closer from behind.

"But its the truth. Face it, I'm not gonna be anymore than the janitor." Dayton knew what he was good for.

"Custodian," Geoff whispered in his ear, slightly laughing. "Just think of yourself as Tony's Cinderella story, will you?" Geoff's fingers swept through Dayton's hair then.

Dayton closed his eyes. When Geoff kissed him, the Cinderella story was definitely not on his mind.


simon n josh said...

aw...dayton will always be more than a janitor. Sweet.

the oaks said...

Dayton is so much more.

N a t a l i e. said...

Awww, Dayton can be so much more than the janitor! He needs to stop putting himself down.

And hehe, for some reason him and Geoff remind me of a couple of fluffy little puppies rolling around together ;D

Anonymous said...


check it out:)

and dayton is so much more:)

ellie said...

I like them together.

THE Y RIVER said...

Stop!! Don't ever stop...and what happens next?