oh, the thought

OK, maybe this was a mistake. A big mistake, Bex thought.

She just wished Oliver would sit down and eat. He wasn't the maid. But then she couldn't very well get up herself and wait on people. It was awkward. Totally.

Max prayed and that was silent and she just wanted silence. Yes, thats all they needed.

Naturally, Chloe was babbling.

True, they weren't going to change their mother's mind. She was just set in her ways as much as Max.

Bex just needed to have a heart to heart with Max. Yeah, that was all Bex wanted. She could fix this. All right. Maybe not. What was done was done. So much coldness now. And she'd even put Oliver in that mood without even thinking.

What was she to do?

She ate.

Yes, she was famished even if she felt like an elephant.

"Chloe is growing so big," Bex had to stop eating before she ate too much. Yes, lets talk about the baby.

"Well, enough," Max was being Mr. Nurse now. "We don't want her fat."

Bex grimaced a smile. Lord, she hoped they didn't bring up her weight. She looked up then and saw Oliver doing his waiter duties, filling up glasses with margaritas, except hers, just water. She felt bad about that. It was as if he'd just soon be in the kitchen smoking a cigarette at the back door.

Suddenly, Bex felt like crying.

"You know that baby looks just like Oliver." Her mother made an observation.

Bex's eyes lit. She knew there hadn't been a formal investigation about the matter, but Bex knew Oliver was certain Chloe was his sister's baby. Bex mentioned it then.

"Why haven't there been any blood test? Why doesn't Oliver want the baby?" Mona looked at Oliver then.

"Mom." Bex sighed. "I'm having twins." Had she forgotten that?

Oliver was mid way in filling a tortilla with beans and meat. He looked a bit miffed as if now he was under the gun.

Bex winced. This wasn't about Oliver. Why did she have to bring Oliver into this?


Cate said...

Poor Oliver, has to wait everyone. But well, there's probably no other way, since Bex is pregnant..
Hm, I never thought of Max as "set in his ways". In a way, everyone is set in their ways.
Arh, it's normal for pregnant women to feel famished and cry..
And Max is very responsible! Chloe shouldn't grow fat, that's not good for a baby.. I'm sure she gets healthy food.
Ha, but I do hope they wom't be as tactless as to mention Bex's weight.
Okay... If Chloe looks like Oliver, then maybe it could mean that she looks like Izzy, if Izzy and Oliver are anything alike.. It needn't be Oliver's baby. It could also be Izzy's and some bloke's.
I hope Mona doesn't make some tactless remark about Oliver and Chloe...

ellie said...

oh..that ominious stuff..lurking up.

the oaks said...

poor Bex. I'm not sure who's getting the worst of it.