Bex had been so good, or so she thought. Concentrating on all this mind-boggling stuff the head of Tech wanted her to know about bib records, creating, and even killing them. Really, she felt on autopilot. And seriously, she thought she had a knack for this after all. She was wide awake too. A bit nervous perhaps. Of course, she noticed when Oliver was around.... that's when the babies started moving. They already loved him. She hated to tell him to leave her alone. It was nice. All the commotion in her stomach. And yet, she could only take so much.

She did her best not to give him the hint to go away. After awhile, he had things to do too, so generally, it went in bouts, but then she looked up and there was her mother with a pack of sugar free cookies.

Bex couldn't help but scowl. Why was it like this? She knew her mother meant well, but no way was she putting something sugar-free in her body. Splenda would not touch her lips.

"Oh, you shouldn't have, you really shouldn't." Bex did her best to fake a smile.

"They were on sale," her mother said.

"I bet they were." Bex took them from her and put the pack on her desk. "Have you been out shopping?"

"Yes, I have," she then flung out a gown from her bag that Bex thought might fit a baby elephant. "It has holes in the front too, so when you breast feed."

Bex bit the corner of her bottom lip. Like she wanted everyone imagining her in that huge gown breast feeding babies.

"Oh, I just love it." She hoped she didn't sound cynical, but she was.

"You look a little jittery honey," her mother touched her shoulder then, and Bex found herself flinching. She hadn't meant to. What was she to do when that was a natural reaction.

"Listen, Mom, why don't the three of us have lunch, soon."

"You mean you and Oliver?"

"Actually, I was thinking with Max."


"Have you even seen the baby yet?"

"Baby?" She just smiled and acted as if this was the first she'd heard of it.

"Mom, we should all have dinner together. Come over to the house, Saturday night. And we'll have dinner."

"I don't know, my Saturdays are pretty full." She looked rather negative now as if maybe Bex had invaded her space.

"Well, give your calender a look over and tell me which Saturday might be good for you. I think you should see Max, and Chloe." Bex smiled.

Her mother backed away. Then she was gone.

Bex looked over at the bag of sugar-free cookies and tossed them in the trash. She stuffed the white gown in her purse then. Really, she hoped no one saw it. Of course, she felt bad she hadn't said thank you to her mother, but then her mother would expect a formal thank you in the mail. Bex knew she had to get right on that.


Cate said...

I'm intrigued about that blonde depressed woman from "what could it be"! .... OMG! It's Nancy!!!!!! Let's see if she really is such a cow.

Hillary is such a cool kid. Haha, yoU're cute ^^ That's hilarious. And I really like the title of the chapter, "I like you like that". I don't think Dayton is a disaster with people. Just look how he gets along with Hillary! Often people who think they aren't good with people are the best with people, and the other way 'round.

I don't think I would wear a gown with holes in the front to breast feed ^^ Have you seen "Mean Girls"? There is that scene too where Cady cuts holes at the breasts of Regina's t-shirt ^^
Let's see how things will get on with Bex's mother. She's an interesting character.

ellie said...

Poor Bex. Oh, its not easy. But I think she's trying harder with her Mom.

Ivyoaks said...

Bex..she needs more fun. I hope she and her mome will somehow find a way to get along.