piece by piece

Max thought he might be dizzy when he saw that it was Nancy who had came to the meeting. Perhaps it was meant to be.

He just smiled and shook her hand.

"Nancy, its been ages," Max smiled. "You remember me, don't you?" It had been a good while ago. He remembered her coming to the house to take Bex shopping. They always liked a good trip to the mall back then.

"You're Bex's brother?" She winced. "This is weird." Nancy did her best to smile.

Geoff just stared at her. Max got the idea that he knew the connection now.

"I'm glad you could make it," Geoff told her it was all confidential. "Perhaps you were the bravest one."

"Well, I dunno what to do." She looked at both of them. "It seems everyone has turned their back on me, I've ever known. And, and maybe I need help."

"Talk all you want," Geoff nodded. "We're here to listen." Geoff pointed to Max then.


Occupied Funk... said...

This is interesting...what happens next?

the oaks said...

short entry, but I like it. Good to here the insight on Nancy.

Cait said...

Geoff..don't let Nancy suck you in.

cady x said...

Well, admittance is the first step, yes?