back to the grindstone

Dayton had to drive down to Tony's all by himself in the old market. Seriously, he wasn't so sure he could even find the place, but there it was on a empty street like a red barn stuck in the city. They had plays here.

Of course, it seemed odd to him that someone who owned the place had so much hands on about the theater. He thought of him as an old professor who looked as if he'd rather be writing than having to deal with a show. Dayton found him a little gruff.

"How old are you?"

"I'm twenty."

"Let me see your driver's license." He squinted hard.

Dayton pulled it out and mentioned he'd done some mechanic stuff before.

"I don't need a mechanic." He handed back Dayton's license. "Where in the world did Geoff find you?"

Dayton didn't feel right to mention it was down at the clinic.

"Around." Dayton took in a deep breath. He wasn't so sure he was going to like this. Getting the third degree from an old man who looked as if he hated the world. Possibly, because he was bald. Dayton hope that never happened to him.

"hmmm...." Tony kept looking at Dayton as if he was trying to get a good read on him. "You can start by sweeping the stage." Tony handed him a broom, and Dayton meekly went to work.


taffy. said...


Cate said...

I loved the Nada Surf song from the previous chapter.
I laughed so much when you wrote that the old man probably hated the world because he was bald -- LOL ^^
I'm a fan of the bloke too!

ellie said...

Yeah, I'm glad you brought Tony in..this should be interesting to see if Dayton can take it.

Laleh n Lauren said...

I hope this job works out for him. I love how this fellow is.

Anonymous said...

i definitely need to catch up but the story's looking googd, but im confused whos tony?

dawn said...

a little broom action will keep him humble. he'll probably end up being best friends with the bald guy! ha!