whatever it takes

"Whoa," that was the last thing Chris expected to hear. A baby.

"You could do something like that?" This was all foreign to him.

"Yes, we could," Max nodded handing her right over to him.

"Oh, " it was a lot more can holding a football like in homeliving class. Not that he hadn't held a baby, but it had been a while. He felt so awkward and clumsy. He thought he'd outgrown these days with his siblings.

"How does that feel?" Max looked at him very seriously.

"Ok, I guess." Chris wasn't sure he what he was feeling for other than a poopy pamper. Just then, he could tell by the little grunts and a small sigh, that's just what she was doing.

"She likes you," She was smiling.

"Evidently," Chris remained even lipped. "What's her name?"


"Did you just come up with that?" Chris looked at Max as if he'd been sucked in already and there was no way he could say, no about the baby.

"No, that's her name," Max nodded as if he knew.

"So what are we going to do?" Chris looked at Max.

"Whatever it takes." Max wanted the baby back then, and Chris was sure he'd do whatever it took to bring that baby home with them.


dawn said...

how cute! aw...."a lot more than holding a football". i love that... and i love the name.

i am dying to see slumdog! we did see "the boy in the striped pajamas" last weekend. wowsuh. loved it. and slumdog is next on our list for sure. there's a lot of good ones out now.

about the same sex adoption thing....in north carolina, the law states that as long as you're sharing parental responsibility, you can both legally adopt a child even if you're not married. of course same sex marriage is not legal here. but in the states that it is, the same legal rights apply to both parties since they are sharing parental responsibility. they can go through the adoption process just like any heterosexual couple. but first, the state would have to put the child up for adoption, and i'm not sure how a "found" baby works into that system. in your state, would a church be recognized as a "safe haven"? or is that just for hospital settings?
if you want to email me: ddhanna5@yahoo.com :)

dawn said...

cait, are you on facebook? if you are, we can talk that way....dawn hanna, charlotte north carolina. :)

autumn said...

i think i need to read the previous stories. i already got behind. lol.

autumn said...

oh no. it didn't scare me at all. it was just unexpected. although i thought about it. hehe.

Cate said...

I wonder if some mother or father will claim Chloe... I still think it's Izzy's baby.

taffy. said...

i hope that she doesn't get taken away.

i was trying to construct a sentence that basically goes:
hopefully, they won't get too attached, then she's claimed.
or something.
it kept ending up sounding like i hoped someone took her back.

Roxy Motion said...

i feel lonely, having no idea what's going on here.

sucks to be me. lol.

but. good stuff. i'm going to keep up with this more.