out in the open

Oliver figured as much there might be paperwork to fill out once it was out about Bex and the babies. He just didn't know how he was exactly supposed to approach this with the director and the head of reference. Did he just say it in passing? Ask for an appointment? He was sure the protocol would be all wrong and they'd both be tossed to the curb.

"I don't think they have to know," Bex had decided.

"Well, what are we supposed to do when they can see what is up?" This was maddening to Oliver. So they'd had an office romance. What of it? "I say they should know, because for starters you don't need to be lifting anything heavy in your condition. We should see if you could do something else at work, like cataloguing."

"Cataloguing?" She looked at him as if he were crazy.

"Yes, isn't that what you're studying, anyway?"

"I hate those classes. Its like a foreign language." She grimaced sitting there at her terminal so early before anyone else got there.

"Its not like you have to be a professor of it. Just know the bits that work here. You can do that. You almost know what to do with the records, already." Oliver was sure they would keep her. They would put her to her work. Somewhere with all these records on the computer.

"All right."

"I don't know how we got away with it for so long," he shrugged. "Anyone would know, right? We're so in love."

"I dunno." She frowned.

"With that loook, you'd think I was your own worst enemy." She was no help.

Finally, Miranda came in with her book bag and her purse. She signed in at the computer. Oliver and Bex both watched.

"We have something to tell Mr. Fulton," Oliver kept hugging himself as if it might take all day to discuss this with the director who would hardly look at him as it was. He still missed the old head of circulation.

"He's not here today."

Oliver fretted a bit. Just his luck, no one told him a thing. It had to go through the appropriate channels.

"I'll just have to make an appointment with his secretary. I guess." Oliver sighed then.

"What is it?"

"Its Bex," Oliver nodded, hoping Bex would tell Miranda the news. She just shook her head, no at Oliver. "She's pregnant."

"What?" Miranda smiled intently, "Who's the lucky fellow? I didn't even know you were seeing anyone."

Oliver rubbed his cheek then. It felt like a slap in the face.

"Uh, Oliver." Bex could barely get the words out as she stared at him intently that this was all his fault.

"Really?" She looked at the both of them then. Oliver thought Miranda was about to ask what sperm bank they used then, but she didn't.


Cate said...

I never actually thought about how you'd need to break the news about babies to a boss.
'Oliver thought Miranda was about to ask what sperm bank they used then, but she didn't.' That would have been really mean. I wonder if Miranda THOUGHT it.

taffy. said...

Oh, poor Oliver.

Okay, now I'm starting to feel worse and worse for him, but when I first read Miranda's response to Bex's pregnancy...

♥MademPokerFace♥ said...

ok so my sister isn't the only one who does that
sometimes i ask her if she understands my math homework and she tells me no even though she is taking a course in math :)

dawn said...

gawd!! hahaha! pretty harsh, miranda. those words could seriously blow up a relationship in a heartbeat! i bet bex and oliver are in for a good little smackdown right about now.....

Jules said...

lol @ oliver

basyon said...

love this blog :)

ellie said...

Oh. Oliver..Bex just has to stand up for him..in so many ways.

Natalie! said...

Awww, poor Oliver! His poor face was certainly slapped pretty hard :P