in the murky sea

Bex found the jelly like substance to be instantly cold on her belly. She tried not to flinch as she was preparing for her ultra-sound at the hospital. She didn't even want to look at her Buddha body, already. She cringed.

"Its not like they'll stick a needle into you or anything," Oliver then said holding her hand. "This'll be easy."

Bex took a deep breath. She'd waited so long to know the truth. If Chris was anywhere close what he'd told her. It couldn't be true. It just couldn't. It would be crazy if it were. It couldn't be twins.

Suddenly, she felt as if they were spotting creatures in a murky sea as the bleeps came and went and the echo of heartbeats. Bex kept watching the screen. How would they know? It wasn't the latest technology here, but at least standard, she supposed.

She looked at Oliver all wide eyed as if he'd be the first to detect anything, natureally. And then she saw it. Something. It looked scary. So scary.

Suddenly, she felt all jittery. Yes, they said it so from the test, but there it was. It was so foreign like aliens had landed in her stomach. She pulled a face. Bex couldn't help it while Oliver just stared in amazement.

And then they spotted another. Like a school of underwater monsters, perhaps. The technician was smiling. "He was hiding."

"He?" Bex gasped.

"Well, I'm not that certain yet. But we'll be doing this, it looks like on a regular basis with you now so we'll know certain soon enough." She said to the both of them.

Bex just nodded sucking in a breath.

"Shouldn't we let them know at work?" Oliver looked at her then with a smile.

"I guess." She hadn't thought much about it. No one knew exactly what was going on with them at work. Someone had hinted that they'd seen the two of them at the old market, but that was just hear say. Bex had just said, "Well, maybe you just thought you saw someone who looked like us."

Oliver hadn't changed his address. He still got his mail at his parent's house.

Then she almost got in an argument with a co-worker going on about how she was Oliver's personal chauffeur and Bex had just snapped back. "There's nothing wrong with that. I like to drive and he doesn't." She'd cooled any sort of idea that there was anything going on.

"But don't you go to the same church?" Another question.

"Yes, my brother's church. So?" What of it. But this. This truly changed everything. Didn't it?


ellie said...

oh Bex..is sure to make it complicated...I liked that alien bit.

taffy. said...

i hope Bex decides to tell people.
you mean they're not twins?

Ivy said...

Bex, come clean..you know you want to about Oliver.

Cate said...

Oh, Bex. Why don't you jut relax? I found ultrasound freaky too but not that bad.
And I think too this changes everything... It wouldn't be that bad to tell people at work.. But ha! I have an idea! You know back then when Bex was still with Dayton when they had sex in the bathroom of the library with Oliver? Maybe she's afraid that if they told they colleagues now that they were going out, they'd somehow figure out it had been them that time! ^^

♥Mademoiselle♥ said...

thanks for the comment
it helped think a lot about my sitch :0

dawn said...

you know, no matter how private you'd like to be, when you're pregnant, suddenly the entire world feels like they own you! twins for sure. wowsuh!