laying it out

The director finally saw them. Bex wanted to handle this. For a second she thought about lieing. Saying the baby wasn't Oliver's. She was sleeping with her professor or something. Although, that made her sour even more as she sat there next to Oliver staring at the director who was just another old fart to Bex. Ugh, that Einstein fellow in math gave her the creeps, so did the director. It would be horrifying, thinking of his old hands on her.

"Whats the matter, Bex?" Oliver wanted to know.

"Nothing." She shook her head, staring dead ahead. It was as if she was in a deep sea trying to fight the choppy waters. She let out a deep sigh. She'd decided she would some how manage to float. She closed her eyes then thinking of sunshine and sweet things. Of course, she thought she might break into a sweat. Carrying babies made her hot all over. Sweat in places she didn't even know she could, even out in the snow.

"Yes, I'm having a baby," She finally looked at the director who at the moment didn't have a name in her head. She didn't want to address him even. "In fact, twins, and Oliver and I are getting married. Like before Christmas, and if you want to come, then it'll be at Serenity. My brother will be performing the ceremony." There that was done. Next stop, marriage license. "So we need the afternoon off. We need to get stuff done. You know, for a wedding."

Oliver just looked over at Bex as if this must be one of her mood swings.

The director went into about them being in different departments. It would be OK for them to work here if they were married. That was a relief. Bex just smiled she knew that old man who sat there all day, never wanting to be bothered, could make the changes he wanted without even having to call City if he felt like it.

"I keep hearing good things about you, Oliver," the director then said to him. "The patrons adore you and evidently the staff is happy for you two."

Bex smiled more. Now if she could tell her Dad about all this. Hopefully, he'd take the news better than her mother.


Cate said...

I don't think we've met Bex's dad yet, now have we? Wonder how he'll take the news.
And I'm so happy that the director has heard good things about Ollie! :)

♥MademPokerFace♥ said...

yah those plaid tights are pretty cool
i can't wait Bex's dad (akward)!!

Ivy said...

I'm glad Bex didn't lie.

Em said...

Oh I worry for Bex so much sometimes...

ellie said...

It looks like its shaping up..for Christmas.

taffy. said...

awww, what a kind man!

dawn said...

how great the way you're laying out these two different relationships between bex/oliver and chris/max and showing all the differences and similarities. it's really great, cait. and it's really a good read. i'm so enjoying it.