the one

Bex knew she needed to ask Max a few things. Actually, one big question. Why had he left the missionary group he was affiliated with and started this church?

But he seemed preoccupied by something other than church when she brought over some chicken soup she'd made.

"Are you all right?" He looked as if he were coming down with something. He hadn't even gotten out of his pajamas. This was just strange to Bex. Usually, he was always ready to go off somewhere to help someone in that dark suit of his. He was usually prepared for any sort of situation. A funeral. A marriage.

"Oh, yeah, just uh, taking it easy." He at least was carrying his bible.

"Are you sick?"

"Not really, but I said I was because I might be," he just nodded, clearing his throat. His hair wasn't even combed.

"OK," Bex bit her bottom lip watching him. "Then what is it?"

"I think I'd like to adopt Chris, if I could."

"What, like your personal project?"

Max shook his head, no.

"I shouldn't have said that? How have you been?" Max looked at her seriously as if he was ready to go on with things. He wasn't going to think about Chris.

"Great," Bex smiled putting the soup in the fridge. "We really are doing fine, I guess all we need is a wedding now, or something."

"You need to be engaged first." Max nodded.

"Oh, yeah, we will."

"Oliver hasn't asked you?"

"He will, it takes some time, you know." Bex kept smiling, hoping her brother wouldn't tell her she was living in sin everyday, and it wouldn't change until they got married.

"I know, I understand that. No need to jump into anything right away." He sighed.

"So why did you stop being a missionary?" Bex thought she'd just go ahead and ask.

"What?" He looked stumped, all wide eyed as if he didn't have an answer for that. Exactly.

"Did you get in trouble?"

"No." His bottom lip pouted a little. She wasn't sure if she believed him completely, but she'd try.


"Look, I just didn't want to rock the boat. It got where everything had to be practically a lesson plan with the whole organization. It was as if they were out to make big bucks and that was it. It was as if saving people was a back burner, you know."

"So you save people?"

"No, its not me. I'm just here as a vessel to do God's will." It all sounded completely mental to Bex, but she wouldn't dare ask what was God's will for Max.

"Well, what if you meet the one you think is your soul mate, you know, and maybe God's will won't be so spectacular for you, anymore?" She hugged herself then.

"I don't really like that question, Bex," Max winced. "And it has been on my mind rather recently. I'm just going to have to figure out how to make a compromise, I guess. And hopefully, everyone can accept that. You know."

"OK." Bex nodded still confused. "Did you find that someone?"

Max couldn't help but smile. "I just keep praying about it, all right."

"I will to if you want," Bex nodded. "You don't have to tell me, you know."

"I know, and I won't." He cracked a smile,"But this soup is just what I need. Having you here, just makes everything better. It'll get better. I have to keep believing that."

Bex kept staring at Max, wondering what was really going on with her brother.


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but the whole mission thing worries me...

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wow this is a serious uh oh moment :)

Nisey♥Smooches said...

im glad u appreciate them :)

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oh, max..

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they are really sibling, aren't they. no wonder they've got something in common. they like to ask so many questions. lol.

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Actually I caught a cold a while back and still havent gotten over it. So I fell behind in school, reading blogs, and my life has been just plain crazy lol
Sorry I don't update much anymore, I'm trying to catch up. o.o